This is going to sound crazy, but hear me out.  If you mess up while plucking your brows, and they seem to remain sparse or take too long to grow back, wash your face with coconut oil at night.  Trust me.  I use coconut oil to remove make up, and then I remove it with a gentle cleanser, and my brows are thicker than before the first time I ever used tweezers.  And it happens ridiculously fast.  I was agonizing recently, a few weeks ago perhaps, about this shit plucking job I did back in Harbor, and how it seemed that I did some permanent damage.  No no!  I did not!  Because the weather cooled!  And I could reintroduce coconut oil into my cleansing routine without being too greasy! And now my brows are almost Cara Delavingdingdong!  Not really, but I'm happy.  I do not understand how this has happened, and I wonder what other magical things can be done with coconut oil.  Will it lengthen my lashes too?  Oooh, maybe I will deep condition with it this weekend, and then hairs will grow back quicker.  OOOHHH LAAAA LAAAAAAAA LLLAAAA LLAAAA ALOLOLOWL


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