Been eating brown rice, miso, cabbage, sunny side up egg, carrot, green onion, garlic, ginger combo  (with a smidgen of a sesame oil soy sauce I concocted) every single night, minus Sunday, for a week out of laziness and because it's actually really good.  And simple.   And I go through strange food phases where I try something new and only want to eat that for weeks at a time.  In Morocco it was soft boiled eggs.  Boiled eggs always creeped me out until Fatiha made them while we were in Fés for kaskrout, and I tried them out of politeness only to be pleasantly surprised.  So there was that.  In Prague it was cottage cheese.  Yeah, that's kind of gross sounding, but Czech dairy is real quality stuff, and it was filling.  Never liked that before Prague.  Won't eat it here in America because it tastes like chunky spoiled water.  I'm trying to remember what I was into this summer besides La Croix and fiber one + greek yogurt.  Those aren't really phases but staples.  I wish that Carlos were awake because he keeps good track of these things.  One summer I ate broccoli and red pepper with a tsp of soy sauce almost every night.  That's nasty because I hate broccoli now.  It's not worth the mess, and it bloats like none other!

I am thinking about how much I want cases of La Croix right now, but the Whole Foods down the street is a rip off (standard) and overcrowded, and the only other spot in town that sells it is Target, and the one by my school has fuck all because for whatever reason, the youth of today thinks Target is the hot shit, therefore the one located by several colleges can't stay stocked.  I suppose it evens out if I buy it at Whole Foods because they don't have ten cent deposit in MA, so I should swallow my pride.  I just hate Whole Foods with every fiber.  I do.  Their bulk sure is a laugh riot.  $4/lb of dry beans!  I'm so sure.  You can get food from a co-op for half the price.  Speaking of which, I must find one.

For some reason I have that Eve 6 song in my head.  The only Eve 6 song.  Oh!  Right!  Swallow pride!  La Croix.  I get it.

Another entertaining post for all!

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