Hello!  My name is Melissochka, and this is my blog!
It’s difficult to figure out what to write about myself, not to mention that it’s always awkward.  Hmmm, let’s think of some likes.  Melissochka likes include, but are not limited to…pizza, bunnies and Boniface, Werner Herzog, the color red, Peep, England and its literature, being competitive, learning languages, eating pizza, pierogies, Chaucer, illustrating, making clothes, Wodehouse, Spike Jones and His City Slickers, Hockey, Raymond Scott, Nihilist Spasm Band, playing harmonium, thinking about playing harmonium more than actually playing harmonium, popping corn, 60s NASA, puppies, wool, Iceland, snow, beard smell, long-distance cycling along Lake Michigan, sailboats, Detroit, old cars, Charles Mingus, Bruce Haack, Mr. Rogers, old cartoons, Sun Ra, Andy Daly, old movies, NBA basketball, Michigan football, Don Cherry, the forest, Gesualdo madrigals, daydreaming, photography, LARGE FORMAT photography, libraries, Tolkien, the films of Robert Altman, Paul F. Tompkins, cross sections, cross sections of nasty things like hair follicles and clogged sinus cavities, Evelyn Waugh, the sound that muscles knots make when kneaded, comedy, laughing at people being too serious, pizza, libraries, Wade Boggs, koalas, the smell of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Ornette Coleman, mac n’ cheese, baseball, Comme des Garçons, a sweet southern drawl, Japanese sewing patterns, trashy reality tv, many things Russian, coffee, Night People podcasts, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Captain Beefheart, Destroy All Monsters, WCBN…and I am missing so much more.

If you do not really care at all what I like and want to know what I am doing with myself, I can say that I am living in Boston as a graduate student studying archives and cultural heritage and all that fun library science stuff.  

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