I'm on vacation with maybe no internet until the 19th and not dead.  Hi bye.  


This is so dramatic, as are my dear hometown community's reactions to the storm that occurred a few days ago.  Oh hi, rich white people problems!

I still love and miss you, Harbor Springs.  


New York Fashion Week designers mostly suck.  Can't they just have London and Paris Fashion Week at the same time, so that it can overshadow this crap?  Or they can just leave Milan and New York at the end when no one will care anymore.  


Shelties with their coats so true!  This girl looked grumpy as I passed, so I did not think she would have appreciated me with my camera pointed at her.  It would have been a great shot.

I found internet gold with Animal Planet's Dogs 101.  When it's unwind time here in my apartment, I sit back with a white russian and more and relearn all of the breeds.  I have one fun fact about white russians and one about dog breeds.  Kahlua is a rip off here in Czech, and so one day I decided to make my own, so that I may drink a caucasian from time to time.  Whoopsie, because I made three empty fernet bottles worth of Kahlua, and so now I have consumed more creamy cocktails than I would have liked.  I caved and splurged on some bourbon yesterday (also a rip off in CZ), so that I can enjoy a more foreign drink than what I've gotten used to over here.  Blah blah blah.

And the second fun fact has to do with dog breeds!  I mentioned that I have to relearn (not LEARN) the dog breeds, and that is because when I was in the second grade, I decided that I was no longer scared of dogs.  In addition to the many other pets that my family caved and bought me, I thought it might be nice to have a puppy as well.  My dear mama je'e was all, "Uh uh we are not home enough to raise a dog rarrrrr rarrrrr growl hiss hiss."  Most of the time, with a little work, I could get whatever I wanted from my parents, something for which I am oh so proud.  I then got myself a book with information on every breed of dog, and memorized the damned thing.  I thought that this would impress them and show that I was responsible because doing my chores and taking care of the animals already in our home wouldn't have worked.  I got no dog, at least not for about five years after learning all that there is to know about all of the breeds.  To this day, I still know about 95% of the breeds, but it's the hounds the various pointers that I forget.  There are too many.  I retain this information in hopes that one day, while attending pub trivia somewhere, that there will be a category on dog breeds.  I would like that, a category on pokemon, and one on The Brady Bunch.  That would be splendid.

So, there you go with two fun facts about my life with kahlua and puppies.  
Do not let this blog look like a tumblr or a buzzfeed list with the sentences not being real sentences.  Melissochka!
The episode where Dylan tries to rescue Kelly from the cult, and Ray is going to push Donna down the stairs soon.
The one time that I need a white crayon.  Should not have abandoned my 64 box of colors in Morocco.  


OH LOOK WHO IS SHOWING UP 'ROUND THESE PARTS!  It's MEEEEEE.  ME ME ME ME I I I I I I YO YO YO YO YA YA YA YA ANA ANA ANA!  Yuh, there aren't very many photos of me in the world.  Even with all this technology and smart phones!  My family doesn't even have a whole lot of Melissochka child pictures which I find to be pretty cool.  I suppose that if my memory wasn't what it is, that I would feel sad without many photographs of my childhood, but I remember it all clear as day.  I also really suck at taking selfies.  They're always blurry, and I feel silly, so I don't do them unless I am feeling adventurous.  Must have felt adventurous that day!  It would have been nice to clean the mirror prior to this shot.
I then had Carlos take a picture in a room with more light, and AHA!  In case anyone has forgotten what I look like!  I much prefer myself blurry actually.  I look tall in that one for some reason.  Anyone who doesn't know me might think I'm 5'10.  Imagine that!

I did it.  After nearly 48 hours of prep work, I have finally made my very first tonkotsu ramen.  


Andy Daly finding out what it is like to be Irish.  Everyone should watch the show Review.
k, so Verlander needs to turn and face forward.


Life sure feels funny and different when you drink two cups of coffee in the morning instead of one! Oh my!  I think it means that simple decisions are harder to make.  Should I paint and then go on a walk?  Or should I walk and then paint when I return?  If I paint now I might get annoyed at all of the sunlight coming through our windows, teasing me by exposing all the dust on the furniture that, no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to rid completely.  But if I go on a walk now, I might end up getting the fear because surely there are lots of people outside, and I have had lots of coffee, and this is bad for anxiety.

Maybe guzzling a few liters of water will help me.  
I also saw a Bedlington Terrier laying a turd yesterday on Petrin Hill which is really a hilarious scene cause you can't tell...is it a dog?  Or is it a sheep?  And it was all hunched over, looking embarrassed like all dogs do when they crap.  I did not take a picture though because I see that dog's owners walking it all the time, and it would be awkward to have to pass them in the future, wondering what they think of me for once taking a photo of their dog in such a vulnerable state.  

I had to take this shot from far away cause I thought that the Czech owners might get offended at me photographing their dog pooping with a frisbee in its mouth.  
I'm excited to be going to the FIRST first world tomorrow for a mini break of sorts.  Break from what?  I do not know.  And I do not know why it has taken us this long to visit Berlin, seeing as it's so darn close.  
It sounds like there is a wet dog shaking itself off right now on the terrace, but I think that it is just that huge mama pigeon that likes to chill on the post.  I'm kind of nervous though since my newly dyed black clothing that is currently drying off out there might get revenge pooped on since I like to scare that pigeon away all the time.

I just went out there, and I did not hear nor did I see anything.  


The black-capped chickadee is by far the cutest bird, duh.  I loved eating popping corn by our front windows as a kid, pretending it was my seed while I watched the chickadees eat from the feeder outside.  

The more rural Tokyo metro.

Maybe I have posted this photo before.  Either way I do not care.


I could not fall back asleep this morning, so I started watching this maybe rom com (I'm not that far into it) with Cameron Diaz and that dude that plays Jamie Lannister, and it is really distracting.  Her face that is.  These beezies need to really stop putting all that lumpy crap into their faces cause they end up looking like puffy turds.  Leslie Mann, who seems older and never plays the hot chick, looks way younger and fresher than pizza face Diaz in this movie.  I do not know why Jamie Lannister has her as a side piece right now.  Oh surprise surprise!  Leathery ole Don Johnson plays Cameron's dad!

Look at this though!

Baseball is HILARIOUS!  I haven't done a post like this in some time