Hey you people that sew as well as do yoga, do yourself a favor and buy a good yoga mat like one by Jade or Manduka because not only do you get a superior mat (YOU WILL NOTICE SO HARD), but you also have something to which you can pin fabric and pattern pieces prior to cutting!  It's better than anything I've ever used.  I've tried this with both cardboard and with a regular yoga mat, but neither held the pins very well.  Also, being that the mat is 100% rubber, the fabric will not slip 'n slide! I found my Jade mat for a real good deal while in Portland at Marshalls or Ross or one of those discount places, and even though it was still kind of expensive, I finally feel justified for shelling out the big bucks for a fancy schmancy yoga mat.  I no longer dread the cutting process of sewing now.  Woo hoo!

Must be cat day.

Maru with his friends.  We are very much alike!  


John Oliver making fun of Yanukovych's ostriches LOLOLOLOL.  


PLS send dates.

Having no car and forgetting to buy dates during the time today where I had access to a car has made me cranky.  Perspective is making me want to feel bad that this is what upsets me.

But dates are like mah boo of the food world, and the only place I can find them is the next town over.  Far far into the next town over.  Like I cannot take my bike there cause those streets are too hot and full of cars.

My life is pretty good since my only source of agony right now is lack of dates.

Carry on.

But good things happened in the world yesterday!  


I showed Carlos the Richard Meier Douglas house the other day.  Photos are by Dean Kaufman for Dwell Magazine.  Except for the first image.  I cannot find a source.


Eric Rohmer's L'amour l'apres-midi, 1972

This morning I learned that squirrels cannot burp.  Neither can I!  Spirit animal number two.


I arrived in Tokyo at night, and since I was staying in the Asakusa neighborhood so close to the temples, I first decided to wander around there for a little bit.

My fortune was a bad one, so I had to tie it to this here post.

Moomin Cafe.  They took good care of me and made sure I was not feeling lonely.  First they sat Stinky at my table, and then they brought over Moomintroll.

Claw machines are so much better in Japan. 

Rilakkuma was all over the place.  

Twas raining the night I wandered around Shibuya crossing.  Maps of Tokyo are deceiving.  I did not think it looked far at all to trek from Harajuku to Shibuya.  I suppose it might not be, but being that streets generally are not named or labeled, I got crazy lost and ended up in a neighborhood with actual houses and not high rise buildings along some huge highway.  Getting lost and walking around were two of the things I looked forward to the most in traveling to Tokyo.  Below are several shots I took while exploring empty streets at night...

Tsukiji fish market breakfast.  Umami heaven.  

It took me far too long to find Chingodo (the tanuki shrine). 

Of course I went to a cat cafe.  It was such a peaceful little place high up away from bustling Shinjuku.  It took me forever to find, and none of cats wanted anything to do with me.  Standard.  

See.  Pissed.  

Bye Tokyo!  See you soon, inshallah!  I'll take more pictures next time because hopefully it won't be in the winter.