I am in Portland for a wedding mostly, and it is nice and sunny, and there is customer service which is crazy to me.  Also, the bartender at Produce Row was so nice that I wanted to be best friends with him.  People on ebay keep asking me the shipping cost for my camera to Canada when I specifically stated that I only ship to 'merica.  Jingles came to visit me for the day from Seattle, and we decided to picnic in Grant Park, and when we went to New Seasons, I was way overwhelmed.  In a good way.  So many options.  They say that everyone gets culture shock coming back, but it isn't so bad.  I don't know why everyone I know has a hard time with this.  Ummm, what else?  What else?  When we flew from London to Chicago, we flew right over Harbor Springs, and I could see every little thing in my pretty home town.  The neighbors across the street have the most beautiful bernese mountain dog, and when I go to pet her, she rolls right over and wants her belly rubbed.  They said that I can take her on a walk anytime.  This is hard for me because Carlos and I had settled on a dog breed for when we move back to the US next year, but right now all I can think about is Bernese.  The only complaints that I have so far is that I seem to bloat every time that I eat, and that when Nardine and Danny were here and watching the tv with us, everyone on it seemed soooooooo stupid.  I hope that this paragraph thing that I wrote wasn't too hard to read.  I am just too lazy for those kind of spaces today.


And then this.

I'm visiting the states for the first time in over a year.  I hope that everyone still likes me.

Be still, my heart.  


This is the 2nd cat cafe I've visited via the SECRET DOOR, a site about which I would have never known if it were not for Wan.  Two cat cafes and a closet-sized shop full of maneki nekos...this site was made for me.  

*I don't even care that most of the places just happen to be in Japan...it was made for Melissochka.   

Yay PC Morocco friends in Prague.  


Birds chirping at 4:15 am.  Eff.  That.  

King of the Mountains polka dots in Knaresborough.  Le Tour is coming.  


Still looks like a damned bird.

Hey, at least the goalie is a piece.  


Hahaha, my inner 3rd grader is wanting these right now.


Happy things currently...

-Reading books outside in giant secluded foresty parks
-This beautiful city
-Friends visiting next week
-Trip to Portland in July
-Getting better and better at sewing and making clothing and altering patterns, etc
-Communicating better with Czechs
-Trip to Greece in September
-Digital rangefinder camera
-Trip to Harbor Springs in October
-Comme des Garçons
-Getting to be a grooms lady in Tyler's wedding next summer!  I have never been in a wedding before!  
Things that I want to punch in the face...

-Hobby Lobby
-Crazy beezies
-Trash...yuh...THAT trash
-Those three dudes in the UK that kidnapped some girl's rabbit and videotaped themselves torturing it to death

Can you imagine how excited I am to go back to the US of A next year!!!???


Yohji Yamamoto, F/W 1996

Melgosia Bela in Yohji Yamamoto, Paolo Roversi, 1995


Tim Walker, Pastel Cats, 2000

Rabbit drive, Kansas, mid 1930s

Rudolf Koppitz, Bewegungsstudie, c. 1925

Toyen, The Shooting Gallery XI, 1940

Toyen, Relache, 1943

Tejo Remy, You Can't Lay Down Your Memories, 1991


Can't beat me in Jeopardy.  Nope nope.  Ho he ho he ho ho.


There is a bar rather close to our apartment in Prague that is called "Peach Pit" full of 90210 memorabilia.  I went last night, and it was actually pretty crowded and full of what looked to be regulars, and I find that real strange.  Maybe they are all fans of the show?  Hehe.