Handmade corn tortillas.  Never again.  
I'm annoyed that the probably only place in Prague that sells cadbury eggs is out of stock and will not be getting more.

I wish that I could gloat every day for the rest of the year that I am the champion of my fantasy basketball league.  Suck it, boys and gimmie my money.  This is actually one of my proudest life accomplishments, and I am not even joking.


Never forget...on the Sixers, really. I suppose it's good to not watch the last minute and a half. Also, forget about how he got really fat and could no longer eat the Taco Bell Box. Not as bad as Shawn Kemp. Always better than Shawn Kemp.


I'm one of the lucky ones in that I never had a problem with my face breaking out.  In fact, I'll let it be known, that I never washed my face before bed, nor did I wash it in the mornings if I would not be showering which I definitely only do every few days.  I only ever washed my stupid face for a shower. Yup.  Because my life is all about taking short cuts, and I do not like getting wet.  Now that I am getting older and would like to have youthful-looking skin later in life, as well as the fact that I now have a big momma fancy schmancy bathroom sink---which prevents water from splashing all over the place---I have decided to start washing the face mornings and nights.  Well guess what folks!  I'm noticing some pimple action.  Is it worth it? Should I go back to my old routine?  I used to think that not washing was maybe good for my skin, that the oil build-up kept me nice and moist, for while a number of my peers are showing signs of itty bitty crow's feet or forehead wrinkles (FOLKS DO NOT MAKE A SURPRISED FACE CAUSE LIKE MAMMA SAID, IT WILL STAY THAT WAY IT'S TRUE), I'm blessed to not have those lines yet. Perhaps I was right.  Perhaps washing your face too much is not a good thing!  Oh no!  What do I do?

I don't even care.  I could live somewhere where the sun disappears for a portion of the year.  Honestly, I do not enjoy sun all that much.  I like darkness.  And snow.  Plus, all that light just shows so much dust.  No matter how much I clean, there is always dust, and the sun likes to remind me of this.

It's the rain that I cannot handle.  

Mah boo Maru as a Macrone

New York Halloween party, 1995

Raoul Hausmann and Hannah Höch at Dada-Messe, 1920

Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

Naomi Sims

If I can no longer drink beer, I swear to god...



Sit down, Jim Jarmusch.  Lordy.
Whenever I want to get real riled up, I just read a comments section for an article on food/health from NPR/New York Times/Atlantic/etc.


I had a birthday, and it was the best birthday of all birthdays.  Carlos outdid himself, and in addition to the many surprises, he adopted me a koala.

I do not like people that wax nostalgic about Boy Meets World cause that show sucked and still does suck, and it is not exciting that they are making a girl version either.  No.


Marlo Pascual, Untitled, 2009

Yo, String, I found Wallace.

Felix Bonfils, Mummies Found in the Tomb of the Kings at Thebes, 1883

Blaise Reutersward, Deutsche Landschaft 1206

David Lynch in his studio, 1991


Sorry not sorry but I would disown my father if he went off to Peace Corps and married a 17-20 year old woman.  No way.  I do not support that.

Although, I did, and still, crush hard on some pepaws, I would never ever marry them.  No no no no no no noooooo.


Two days ago I happened upon a walled park.  Toward the back of it, I thought that I saw a panther, but it was just a giant black cat.  Then there were about five more cats.  And then I turned around, and there were even more cats.  All of them were skittish but clean, fat, and healthy.  I tried to return to the cat park today, but it seems that they close the gate on Sundays.  Tomorrow I will try to bring them cream, so that I can make some friends.  


I've paid my deposit, so it's official now.  I'mma be living in Boston and studying archives and preservation at Simmons College in the fall of 2015.  Go Red Sox.  Oh my gosh, NO!  Never.  


It makes me happy that I found someone who actually wants a pet bunny one day.  And that he was the one that suggested it.  When I build my house in the forest by the sea, we will own the following animals...

2 dogs
1 cat
1 bunny
2 shetland ponies
3 ducks
2 ostriches, mostly because Carlos is terrified of them, and I think that it would be funny
1 alpaca/llama
1 mini pig

I don't even care.  


Rain go away.  I am not in Portland, so go.