I need something delightfully trashy to binge watch.  Should I go down the rabbit hole that is Real Housewives?  It seems like such a commitment.  Mob Wives?  Or something else with wives in the title?  I used to be all up on the reality tv, but it's been awhile (it's been awhilllllleee), and the crave is strong.  


I forgot one resolution that I had made earlier.  This is the year in which I shall try out for Jeopardy.  The first time.  Although I am an undefeated champ in my own home, I doubt that I will have all it takes to make the cut the first time around.  Especially because I need to brush up on classics, the bible, and opera.  So this year I will both train and try out.  Woo hoo!

I do not want to be the one that only gets $1000 from Aleve, so I also must learn tricks about the darn buzzer and daily doubles.  We got this.  
Hold up, Super Bowl is THIS Sunday?  I suppose because the Patriots are not playing, no1curr around these parts.  As happy as I am that TB12 and Belichick and his fools did not make it, it would have been more fun to see them play and lose the Super Bowl and have a reason to partuh here on a Sunday night.

I just blew a whole bunch of hot air talking shit about library databases and how inaccessible most of them are, and now I need a moment.

That's so cool, Melissochka.  


Oooohhh wheeee, what a terrible week so far!  At least since Friday, was it?  TMI alert: it's period-related.  But this one is a doozie, geez louise.  If my mother were here, she'd slap me silly.  I've been moping around since Friday like Eeyore all, "nobody likes me everybody hates me" when I know this is further from the truth.  What a mope I have been.  Pity party central to the max.  Not even comfort movies, the ole reliable pax, gaming, and books have been able to lift my spirits.

I even sat in class today with a huge, shit-eating grin on my face thinking that it would cheer me up if I forced a smile, and no, I just got crankier and crankier with myself for zoning out with said shit-eating grin.  My professor probably thinks I am crazy.  Especially since I tried to opinion on something to the class and went on all sorts of tangents and cut myself off midway through.

I haven't got too much else to say except that I hope I feel less like a curmudgeon tomorrow morning.

Ya Boy Sweaty learned to chew cords recently, so we've got that to deal with.  He's a needy little bugger who flips out when no one gives him attention.

I did get that ridiculous summer Met application in though.  Fat chance I'll get this one, but it doesn't hurt to try, right?

I want to go hang out with Colin in Vietnam right now and nothing else.  I'd bring Sweaty, but he might get...ahem...sweaty.

You're welcome.  


Personal tour of the Massachusetts State House today rocked my world.  Building is sick.  I want to work there so hard.  Fingers crossed.  




Introducing Ya Boy Sweaty.  No joke, fool is just like a puppy except potty trained.  They weren't kidding about Scottish Folds.  


Lately (because I'm exhausted and need a nap and do not feel like rambling until earlier this evening after coffee or some other form of caffeine)...

-Have scottish fold kitten.
-Have SMART scottish fold kitten that already watches tv and is mad perceptive, affectionate, and not at all cat like.  He's basically a puppy.  Except I do not have to worry about him laying a G on my floor.
-Started classes.  PARTUH.  This semester doesn't seem overwhelming.  Yet.  Haven't started my other class.
-Star Wars Battlefront holla.  Want a PS4 now.  So sure.
-Do not see gray hairs on my head anymore for some reason.  Not even the temples.  Did I actually reverse the gray like my parents' dog?
-Also thicker hair.  New poo worked!  Or I stressed out less this last month.
-Keeping up with the resolutions, not the Kartrashians.
-Ari, Nar, and Carlos's podcast.  The Walker Texas Ranger ep had me in stitches, and this isn't just cause they're my friends and that I was not under the influence when I listened.
-Pokemon drawing.
-Pokemon Go.
-Seeing that I can download Pokemon snap onto my wii.
-Friends that actually like Pokemon.
-Summer internship apps in, a mad supportive prof/advisor who is helping me tremendously with this process.

Time to nap.  Bye.


You know what was fun?  When I went home for the holidays and people kept asking me if and when I would have kids.  Like more so than usual.  I still say the same thing.  I do not want kids, nor do I see myself wanting any.  Ever.  They always are all, "you'll change your mind."  No.  I will not.  Occasionally, VERY rarely, I will stumble upon some well-curated instagram photo where the babies are all cute and cozy looking with a happy family, a beautiful home, etc, and I will think, "Awww, that's nice.  Maybe I could do that."  Then I snap back to reality and realize that they are expensive, my life will become 100% worry, my body will stretch and change in ways in which, psychologically, I do not think I could cope mentally which would most likely lead to PPD and all sorts of self-hate which is selfish and narcissistic (not PPD, of course, the other things that would bring my mood significantly down), but that's me.  I'd rather be honest and say that I'm too vain and selfish to let my body go through that than have a child and either pretend it's okay or become a raging bitch mother all resentful for some kid that I find out I didn't actually want.  OYYEEE.  If you thought you I sounded bratty in my last post, check me out now!

It was mostly parents and parent friends that asked me those questions.  My grandmother is super cool and was defending my choice during the holidays, so mad props to her.  Also, none of my close high school friends have kids yet, nor do they seem on the path to doing so which is nice and reassuring.  Not that I actually feel pressured by people asking me about having kids.  I don't.  I just get bored of having to defend my choice in these conversations.  I'd rather talk about school and future career plans.  My brother can give my parents grandchildren.  He said he wants four kids.  Fool.

Instead I am getting a cat.  Yep.  I bet that's a shock.  I know that I mentioned I would have a dog this year, but I just cannot do it.  I'm on the go way too much, might not even be in Boston for the summer, and it is so much work that I cannot take on right now.  When I get a home and settle, I will get my pup, but right now, it's Scottish Fold time.  Like Maru.  I'm not kidding.  I am picking him up next week.  It's a straight ear fold, so it has the dog-like personality still, but still looks like a kitten and not an owl.  He will be adorable, with huge eyes and a flat-ish looking smushy face, giant paws, and he will buddha for me every day.  I did not want a cat that acts like a cat which is why I am getting a Scottish Fold and not adopting from a shelter which, yes, makes me feel guilty and all sorts of terrible, but I really wanted something that loves affection and attention.  I am naming him Ya Boy Sweaty which is an inside joke from working with Connor back in Portland, so don't ask.  Or if you do, be prepared for a long, confusing story about a sweaty Bob Marley figure.  Sweaty will be what most people probably call him.  I wanted a name that would constantly make me laugh when I say it which is why I chose that over something like Bertie or some of the others I have on my long list of pet names I've been keeping since my undergrad days.  Sweaty.  It's funny.  Hahaha.  Cause I mean, cats don't sweat.  

I think that I would like this chair.  Maybe.  It might be too much.  It is in Brazilian rosewood.  They no longer use Brazilian rosewood for Eames chairs anymore.  At least that is what my grandmother tells me.  She also told me during the holidays that I can have my grandpa's Eames lounger with ottoman which, as a matter of fact, is so old that it is also rosewood.  You do not know how pumped this made me.  She doesn't like it which is why she is giving it away. To me. She says it looks well and good but that it isn't comfortable.  I disagree 100%.  That damned chair is the most comfortable thing I've ever sat in.  Much more so than the Wassily chair, but duh.  And although I will feel like such a cliché with an Eames lounger, and it isn't as cool as the Wassily, I kind of don't give one fuck because it is that comfortable.  And much more practical than the Marcel Breuer.  And being that it is one of the older versions in the rosewood and belonged to my dear grandpa who loved that chair with all his heart, I am happy to have it passed down to me (oh, are you, Melissa?  Are you?  You're such a brat).  Now if only I can get it out here to Massachusetts.  Who knows when the fam will visit.  Or maybe someone will get me a car which is real practical here in Boston.  Because I live in an area of the city with endless parking!  Will über take me to Rochester and back?

God, I sound like a pretentious little you know what in this post.  But I actually have been thinking about chairs and furniture for the past hour or so as well as redecorating and rearranging my place.  And the caffeine has kicked in, so I obviously think what I have to say is so important and interesting.  But bratty.

I promise that I am not bratty.  Even though they say that those who protest their bad traits normally indeed possess them.  I'm just on vacation and not being in school has allowed my mind to focus on material things and that which might appeal to my aesthetics.  Also, I've been craving ridding my apartment of things I no longer use or need.  I went on a rampage this summer in Harbor Springs and basically donated 75% of my belongings which had been collecting dust in my parents' basement.  I have only regretted getting rid of ONE thing since then.  It was a shirt.  A shirt that was well-worn, but one which was a very flattering shape and pattern which I wish I could emulate when sewing new tops, and doing so would be so much easier if I had that shirt still.  I could just deconstruct it and draw patterns with the pieces.  Ugh.

Back to ridding myself of stuff.  Yes.  Doing it again.  I was thinking about 2017, when I will have to move out and into a new apartment or my very first house/condo/pretty please (I do not want to stay in this building because it's 99% students, and I can do better than that...bratty), and I would like my move to be as stress-free as possible.  If you know me at all, I move a lot.  A LOT.  I get restless once year two in any city comes around.  Not Boston though.  I can't imagine getting restless here I love it so!  But, I do not think I have rented anything for over a year.  This will be my first, come to think of it.  Anyway, as much as I've moved, I never ever actually tried to make it easier for myself, and so the week of transporting my things is always hell with fighting and cursing and tears and dirty dusty hands.  This time will be different.  I've stuck to my rule that if I buy anything new, I have to get rid of something I already have.

I've found it relaxing to slowly decrease the size of my belongings.  The only stressful items I suppose that I have still are my books and furniture.  Oh maybe kitchen appliances, uhhhhh.  Even my make up and skin care stuff has been whittled down, but I think back to when I moved to Portland, or when I moved from NE Portland to NW Portland even, back in 2011, and how much agony that was.  Oh god, that was awful.  Or even when I moved out of the apartment in NW Portland.  That was the worst!  So much stuff!  I hate being tied down by things I've finally realized.  I cannot believe how much stuff I used to have.  Oh, like when Brendt and I lived together in Ann Arbor and how stressed we both were moving!  He was like my twin in having too much stuff.  In fact, I am sure that his family still has some of my things in their basement, oh man.  Hahahaha.  That's so long ago now.  Wow.

I keep going off.  It's the caffeine, like I said.  Stuff.  Yes.  I don't know about you, but I need less of it, and I really get off in working to only keep the stuff which sparks joy.  Shout out to mah girl, Marie Kondo.  You're book actually is life-changing and not a passing idea cause I read it a long time ago now, and I'm still tweaking my home and organization skills.  Except books.  Girl, I will never ever ever downsize my library.  I don't care what you say.

Chairs to this.  PARTY!  

Had this in my "for the blog" folder on my computer for some time.  Now is a good time to post it, I suppose.


No.  Too soon.  Resolutions be damned.  Pouring one out all week.  


New Years resolutions because I do that now and did well with them last year...

- A lot more yoga.
- Walk most places, especially since the green line is my worst enemy.
- No sugar until my birthday (cake) and then no sugar again unless I come across the perfect treat.
- Harmonium practice 5 days a week.
- No dairy except for when I eat out/special occasions because it makes me break out so hard.  You should have seen my face after the holidays and all that cheese.
- Get the dreaded things done first thing in the morning.  Before breakfast.
- Take a fabulous me trip somewhere awesome and far far away this year.
- Visit friends in NYC because I'm super close, and there is no excuse.
- Continue to illustrate all of the original pokemon while I watch things on the tv.
- Love myself.
- Drink almost never.

How's that?  A lot of food restriction!  Not really. I won't be that person that flips at 2g of sugar in the jar of dolmades.  Just no candy or any of the obvious sugary treats.  And the dairy thing is hard.  It's not that I want to give it up.  I love yogurt and cheese.  Pizza is my best friend in the whole world, but it wreaks havoc on my face, and I'm getting too old for breakouts.  I think my allowance of pizza once a month is sufficient.

Oh!  And blog more!  But do people even still blog?  I read somewhere that the blog is out, and snapchat is in, but I don't get snapchat all that much.  Those things disappear so quickly, and you can't say all that much.  Maybe the new blog is instagram?  It's not like I did this for anyone but myself anyway, so I'll just keep up with the ole blog.  


Holy moly blizzard.  Woo hoo.  I sure hope my flight happens tomorrow morning.  Driving home last night was nasty, but reminded me of back in the day and how I never had too much trouble driving in snowy weather when I had a car.  Ugh, I need a car.  Yes, need.  Hahaha.  Not really.  I don't want to deal with parking in Boston, but it would be nice not to have to rack up uber fees.  I know of a solution!  Make public transit until like 4 am!  C'mon!  Everyone should model their transit system after NYC.

My dog is being so weird this morning.  He does not like when my mom is not home, so he is pouting and moping about, and I tried to take a picture of him lying there looking sad, but he simply turned his head away like brat.  Then he skulked into the other room.  I do, however, think he is way less neurotic than last I saw him because he hasn't been barking so much, and there is less gray on his fur. Fool looks younger.  I swear.