I am so proud of myself for falling asleep at 4:30 am last night and waking at just 6:00 pm today.  Let it be known that I would still be sleeping now if I weren't forced to wake and shower for some party.  


First love 

Pie is made, duck is all brined, stuffed, and put into the oven, and sides are mostly ready.  I never even really liked Thanksgiving all that much, but this feels nice.  Maybe because this year there is duck instead of a turkey.

That read like a facebook status.  Whoa.

A year ago we had just gotten to London and were chilling when someone had the dude at the bar turn on the Lions game, and I realized that I had forgotten that it was Thanksgiving.  That was a fun trip.  


Dream kitteh!

Plucking my eyebrows < plucking remaining duck feathers.  This is so satisfying!  I never knew!  


Orson Wells, The Trial, 1962

Somewhere between Berlin and Prague. 
Why are people lamenting that it's "so hard to know where your food comes from nowadays" when people didn't even know whence it came back in the 90s? And the 80s, too, I'm sure.

It's always nice to know your food sources, however, this isn't a new thing, dearies.  In fact, I'd venture to say that it's probably way easier than in the more recent past decades, depending on where you shop, to figure out the origins of your effing food.  CHEEEEEELLLL.  


I am back in Prague.  The flight was okay only because from Chicago to London I had no one seated next to me.  The last leg was hell times ten, and I will not be flying coach ever again.  You can quote me on that.

I've been dizzy a whole lot since I got back, so maybe I caught the toxic shock back in Michigan.  It was also dark at 4 pm.  Things are WEIRD.

Holy moly young Kevin Spacey, you piece, you.


I do not leave until tomorrow afternoon, but ooohhhhhhh guhhhhg uggghhh lordy I've got travel nerves.  And all this snow!  I hope that my little plane from TC makes it to Chicago on time.  


There are koalas all over the news!  What the hey?  
And forgot that I got kind of cranky like five minutes ago searching unsuccessfully for that Raymond Pettibon signed baseball.  
Also really really want to go to Nunavut for an extended period of time.  
Yo i'mms drink that last mini bottle of wine cause I don't even care cause I'm mad people are making it difficult for me to play Animal Crossing New Leaf in foreign countries.  

Curses to you, Nintendo, for making your 3DS chargers compatible with only the voltage of the country in which the console was purchased.  GRRRRR.  Voltage converters are scary, so I'mma scramble around during my last few precious days in Michigan trying to locate a usb charger.  HATE.

It's the 90s.  Get with it.  


Cable is such a treat when I visit my family!  But what I want to know is do people really choose the general for their insurance? I remember when he was just a 2D cartoon and maybe had one ad a day! Now he's all CGI, has a chant, and they run an ad every commercial break.  Guess he's winning the insurance war, LOLOLOLOLOLLLLL.


I was in my parents' basement yesterday sorting through my hoards of things to donate to Salvation Army, and I found a whole bunch of photographs from middle and high school.  Good lord, was I an unattractive little thing.  Seriously.  I was NOT cute until college when the baby fat disappeared from my face.  No wonder I never attracted the boys back then.  My face was all doughy, my hair was flat and parted unacceptably, and my eyebrow game was over-plucked.  So much ew.  I think I understand now why Will K always told me I looked like a chipmunk.  He was just being honest.

It doesn't bother me.  Everything is better now.  I'm relieved that I don't look like that anymore.  Most people have a year or two when they're in their awkward stage.  Mine lasted from 7th grade through senior year.  Ew ew ew ew ewwwww.  

That is seriously what I thought LOL meant until now...


i was 14 and i was walking through a mall by myself at 12am after my shift at coldstone creamery lol and a bunch of men started whistling and meowing and getting really close to me and they kept asking me questions and i kept not answering until i didn’t know what else to do so i said “i’m only 14” and almost in unison they said “we don’t care” i was so fucking scared i didn’t know what to do and they kept talking about how i looked and how my body looked and what they would do i was on the verge of tears i was all alone in a huge mall i knew i couldn’t outrun them all i felt totally hopeless until a maintenance worker came up to all of us with a huge industrial broom in her hand, i thought she was going to yell at all of us for being in the mall after hours bc she probably thought we were all friends but instead she cursed all of them out in spanish, threatened to press a panic button on her belt and then proceeded to walk me to the basement garage and waited with me until my mom got there to pick me up she had a death grip on her cart the whole time and a face of steel she looked so strong and i just kept saying thank you and she kept saying not to thank her because she had to stop them.
that was the moment i realized women were the most important beings on this planet and we have to protect each other bc nobody else is going to, she didn’t even know me, we couldn’t even communicate that well because of the language barrier, she could have lost her job for waiting with me in the parking lot but she looked out for me when she didn’t have to, she had nothing to gain from it, i’m 21 now and i tell everyone this story even though it happened 7 years ago, what she did that night helped me form and shape lot of my beliefs early on. 
i was at a grocery store really late one night and some old guy kind of eyed me as i walked out of the store next to this other lady. She and I made eye contact and i knew she was scared too. we loaded up our groceries into our cars as fast as possible and I had way more bags than her so she got done faster than me. I panicked because i was sure she was going to leave so i just hurried faster, shaking a little, and then i noticed she sat in her car, watching me and making sure nobody came near. She waited not until all my groceries were loaded, or until my cart was put away, or until I got into my car. No, she didn’t drive away until I drove away. 
And that was the moment that I realized how much women need other women. That we can’t win this war without each other and we have to be looking out for each other, every second. 
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