I swear that I am not as negative as that previous post makes me seem!  I swear!  It's just that when I don't have too much to write, I start talking shit.


gffghfdfghjhgfdsfgkl;g fx   h am wanting to travel to Nova Scotia.  

Sniffle sniffle I miss it so much.  Especially cause America is making me irate lately.  Every Prague photo I post, I say, "wah wah I missssssssssss it!"  I have a heck of a lot of photographs I have not posted.  Be prepared.

Carlos was mumbling about the kitchen this morning repeating, "meat and potatoes, the FEAR."  Apparently you are hit hard by the fear if you're growing potatoes in gravel.  Carlos hasn't begun to plant potatoes in gravel, but Kellan says that you know the fear has hit hard if you're planting potatoes in gravel.  That means you're preparing for THE COLLAPSE.  Don't ask, but I've been cracking up all day about all of this, and one day I will go back through my blog and make myself laugh again.  Save it for a rainy day, I suppose.  

Also it is National Dog Day.  I did not know that this exists.  Seems that there is an international something each and every day.  Tomorrow I don't care what it actually is, but I am proclaiming tomorrow to be National Pancake Day.  Because I need an excuse to eat pancakes, or I will feel bad about myself for the rest of the day for eating them just because I wanted to.  Isn't that fun!?

Mackinac Island tomorrow.  Free ferry tickets with your host.  

Are the property brothers supposed to be twins?

Speaking of National Dog Day.  Poor Daisy Lou had an ear infection, and so we had to take her to the vet, but she was such a good girl, so we got her one of those fancy antler treats.  She even got to chew up a bunch of playing cards!  Baby pup is in the terrible twos of dog years.  I love her so much.  My sweet Daisy Lou.  

Why does everyone in this town drive an escalade/tahoe/some boxy ass SUV?  MURICA! Oh it makes me so mad.  

I haven't got anything to say.  


Benz C111 test drive

Don't curr about the awesomeness of Bill Russell or where I am about live,  I'll never root for the Celtics.  Never.  Never ever ever EVER.  Red Sox, fine.  But mostly because of how much I loathe the Yankees.

Even though the Tigers blow this year, I really enjoy watching baseball with my grandma. 
PMS cried in the car this evening when going to get groceries because I have to leave the puppies so soon.  I decided to make the mature decision this summer to wait a bit longer to get a dog, meaning it probably won't happen until after my first year of school seeing as now Carlos might end up working outside the home for a bit, and it's a bit unsettling to think about training a pup during the winter if Boston keeps up with the winters that it likes to have lately.  This is better for everyone.  Get settled first.  And it takes me a whole bunch of months to ever get settled anywhere.  

I figured I've been waiting so many years to get a dog of my own, what's one more?

The heart hurts though.  


I wish that Matt Gourley did more Ian Fleming on all of the podcasts.  It's funnier than Tompkins's Garry Marshall which is way too common.  No disrespect to PFT.  You're hilarious, and I love you.  I don't know what fake Ian Fleming has to do with fake Garry Marshall.  But we will go with it.

Carlos has been searching for and adding movies to his netflix queue from his imdb watch list for two hours now while doing nothing else.

I'm one to talk.
I said that I would only buy one foundation piece/one quality designer piece per year and sew the rest of my clothing, but when I wrote that, it was summer (or spring--I cannot remember), and I forgot that I've yet to sew with heavy wools and leathers, and that I cannot knit sweaters, and it's not like I can only wear woven cottons for the rest of my life and feel comfortable and okay.  Also I've just rid myself of probably 95% of my wardrobe, so one needs to plan for the future.  The DISTANT future.  Moving ain't cheap.  

Just keep justifying it all!  JEAH!  

And fashion people, please stop with raglan sleeves.  Forever.  I forgave you for the slouchy shoulder and oversized sleeve, but no matter what, if you do not have narrow, pointy shoulders, you're screwed.  It makes the tricep look meaty.  Even if it is baggy.  No.  Bye.

You can do comfortable, minimal crewneck sweaters with a normal shoulder seam.  Stick with it.  
I loathe the sound leather jackets make, and it always turned me off of them completely, but I think one could make an exception for a Rick Owens lambskin version.  They always look sooooooooo good.  Also it probably is too soft to make that horrid squeak anyway.  Right?

In my dreams.  Shhhhaaaaaa.

I want too many things when I internet window shop with wine.  


Ricardo Bofill by AdriƔ CaƱameras for Apartamento Magazine


See, in the Bay Area we dance a lil different.
Thinking in writing is tight.
I suppose we could do what Jessica and Courtney did and hook the laptop up to the television.  Watch Series is my jam.  How else can one binge through the original 90210 in less than two months?
When your stomach hurts one day because of questionable food decisions, and it is rainy and windy, and you cannot go outside very well, and you're too tired to read a book, you post a whole lot of stupid on the internet.

No movies look good.  There are too many commercials on the teevee, and Carlos gets all heated at the volume level of ads.  I wish that in Boston we could use DVR on the antenna that we just purchased.  HA!  Then I would watch so many shows, and Grumpy would be happy because of the fast forward feature!

I liked a photo on my ex Aaron's instagram because it had to do with Mac Dre even though we are not friends and have not spoken in seven years, and now I am a little bit afraid of how pathetic I will seem to him.

But, I mean, Mac Dre!  Yadadameen?
It sounds like the eagle from the beginning of the Colbert Report is outside the window, freaking out at the rain.  
Also broke my bike again trying to re-align my front derailleur, specifically the left gear shifter won't shift.  Hasn't been the same since the crash of 2007.  It's been awhile.

Is anybody here a marine biologist!!!!!???
Also having a rough time finding night cream with retinol from a company that does not hurt freaking bunnies that actually works.  Doesn't it take a long ass time to get in with a dermatologist?  I don't have time for this.  
Ate too many marshmallows.  I thought that they would help with getting rid of the avocado toast after effects.  How silly.  
I like avocado just fine.  Most of the time I eat it with bit of soy sauce and wasabi because it then kind of tastes like sushi, but I will take it plain if I haven't got either of those things handy.  But lately, all over the internet, it seems people are all about avocado toast!  Avocado toast!  Avocado GROSS, I say.  It seemed simple enough, and I made it on a slice of ciabatta with a dash of sea salt and fresh pepper!  Oh my!  NO!  For some reason this tasted disgusting.  It was not satisfying, and I am still nauseous and can feel the damned avocado toast in my throat an hour and a half later and I am reminded of each swallow as I tried to eat that pile of ick, nast.  Only successfully finished a quarter of the toast and threw the rest into the trash.  Avocado was perfectly fresh and ripe, so I don't know what went wrong.  It sort of tasted like creamy mash.  Maybe on really really crisp toast it would be okay.  Maybe with some pesto?  But then I'd rather just eat pesto toast which is heaven.

Am drinking cans of la croix to wash out the throat and feed bubbles into my tummy, but it does not seem to be working.  Am scared I will vomit on my bike ride.  
GLARG GLARG GLARRRRG!  So much to do before the move!  GAHHHH!


Prague at Night, Josef Sudek, 1958

Garth Williams and somebunny


My gosh, I move to Boston in two weeks!  I am so pumped to finally have my own apartment again.  It's been too long.

Also there is much to do before moving.

Also I don't have much to say in this post.

It has been nice seeing so many of my friends.  Yup yup.  Okay bye.


Jingles took this photo of me, wet and freezing, with her phone back in early April, somewhere in the forests of Forks, Washington.

Lisa Von Cramm, Berlin, 1934

If I were long and lean I would dress like this every single day.  The grass is always greener, eh?  

I shot this out of pure happenstance about a year ago in Krakow.  I just happened to look through a tiny hole in an old wooden tower, and staring right back at me was this falcon.  I am so lucky to have been able to take this photograph without startling the little guy.  


People on the social media do not know what introvert means.  Stop it.  
IMO binging on coke is more than an appropriate reaction to learning that your kid likes to watch Friends.


My mission is complete, for I have finally acquired a giant tanuki statue in my Animal Crossing game.  Now I'm overwhelmed as to where I should place it in my virtual home.