People on the social media do not know what introvert means.  Stop it.  
IMO binging on coke is more than an appropriate reaction to learning that your kid likes to watch Friends.


My mission is complete, for I have finally acquired a giant tanuki statue in my Animal Crossing game.  Now I'm overwhelmed as to where I should place it in my virtual home.



I love the theme song in its original Dutch so much. With the video. I have actually sat and watched it several times in a row before. Occasionally someone removes all Nijntje episodes from the internet. They keep coming back to make me happy though.


My life this summer is like that episode of Doug where he stays with Grandma Funnie during spring break.

I have to exercise multiple times a day.

It is stressing me out quite a bit, and thus I am moody as all get out.  


Like, what the H is a surfing safari?  You cannot surf around non-coastal Africa, which is, as I was lead to believe, where most safaris occur.  I mean, safari is a Swahili word, right?  Unless maybe they were sent from the future and were referring to the internet browser.  You CAN surf the web.  

Brian Wilson = the voice of an angel, but goddamn, surfin' safari is one of the worst songs ever made.  

I was going to brag about something stupid here to make myself feel better, but I definitely brag too much, and so I will not.  It is not becoming of me.  
Yo, I'm trying to sell my mom's iPhone 5s that she never ever ever used because her job gave her a 6, and peeps be scamming me every single time I list the thing on eBay.  Today was the fourth time I had it listed, and some jerk won and right away was all, "oh, I meant to bid on an iPhone 6, not a 5, can you cancel my purchase pls?"  I'm so sure.

I'm so sure.

I thought this was a good one because he had a whole lot of transactions.  REPORTED.

Not again, eBay!  WILL CUT YOU!
I just gave eBay a piece of my mind and told them to kiss my you-know-what.  Not really, but they wanted me to fill out a survey in regards to something I've tried and failed to sell 4 times due to scam buyers.  Get off my lawn!


Eid Mubarak Said!


They could have cast anyone in True Detective season 2, and they chose that creepy giant baby Vince Vaughn. As a crime boss of sorts.  I'm so sure.  Really, who did he blow?  


No, but really, that fool better be somewhere up there playing bridge with O'Toole or something.  Ugh.


NOOO! I just found out about Omar Sharif! RIP :(