Pigeons became kind of endearing to me in the spring when I was seeing them all over the place trying to get freaky with girl pigeons.  They have no shame and let their gullets wiggle free and their throat noises be heard.  Come to think of it, though, I haven't seen many pigeons lately, and I'm suspicious that maybe Prague handles them in a similar fashion to Vienna.


Still snotting all over the place.  Thought that I could do yoga again, but I snotted all over the mat. 


Still sick in Prague (boo hoo, I know) while Carlos and friends are in Zlín for the weekend.  Normally I get excited for alone time, but right now I miss mah boo, and I think that is because I know he won't be back after a couple of hours.  WAH WAHHHH WAHHHH!  I had these same feelings when he went to Agadir while I stayed alone in the desert for a week back when we were in Morocco.  That was far worse because at least here I will probably start to feel better tomorrow and can get out and be active. It was too hot and too dead in my desert village to really do anything at all.  I sure hope that I don't get like this when I go back to visit Michigan in two weeks.  Probably not, as I will have family and dog around.  I can do things without Carlos, I swear! It's just that things are so much more fun in his company.  I'm a pretty lucky girl.


I'm sick right now, and my head feels like it weighs 80 lbs, and for some reason, I am watching House Hunters International, and these people are all stupid and annoying.  


Carlos and I went to Greece a month ago.  We stayed on both Lesvos and Santorini at, what seemed to be, the end of the tourist season since I don't think I saw much more than locals.  Hint hint, go to Greece mid-September, people.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  And neither should YOU.  Here are some photographs from the trip.

I took this picture because out of the corner of my eye, after a few drinks, the bottle looked like it said "kayn zwin."  Retsina is great though.  Like a bottle of pine trees!  

Steamy mineral bath on a hot day.

Shrubbery looking all Greek.

I took many photos of animals.  I always take photos of animals.  Because they cannot get mad or yell at me when I take their pictures.

I called this cat Goliath.  The shot is slimming.  

Local fish taverna up the hill, near what remains of one of the temples of Dionysus.  

You cannot see it so well in this picture, but the fish taverna family had what looked like a turkey duck.  The skin on its head was all rubbery, like the waddle waddle on a turkey.  

Kitty tried to eat all of our fish.

It seems that Dionysus had multiple temples.  This one, I think, is probably in the worst condition. But there was no one around for days, so I especially enjoyed daydreaming a bit, staring out to sea, next to the few marble columns, waiting for the sunset.   BLEEEHHHH!

MMMmmm then we went to Santorini.  


His name is probably Zorba.  He appeared several times in a deck of cards featuring "56 beautiful pictures donkey" that we bought for a friend.  I do not like Hmars very much, so I chose to walk down to the water alongside the poo.


Oh heyyyyy, there's an article just published about Comme des Garçons and Rei Kawakubo in the New Yorker.  CLEEEEEEK


Duh, Bauhaus-Archiv Museum für Gestaltung.  Needed a coat of paint and a powerwash though.  


Photos from my visit to the Klementinum library.  Who knew that it also has an old-ass turret with great views of the city!?  Unfortunately a large portion of the library's latin texts were away in Munich for digitization purposes.  I don't suppose I would have been permitted to touch any of it anyway.  Oh darn.

Oh my there was so much writing here that I accidentally deleted because blogger does not format so well.  I complain about that below, just in case you want to here me moan some more!  Basically, I said that it was cloudy that day that I visited the Klementinum back in August, and that clouds were not a big part of Prague summer, and how I am all happy now because there are clouds and gray skies every day since it is fall.  Then I bitched because I realized that I sounded like a twee blogger girl being all, OMGSWEATERWEATHERPUMPKINSPICELATTEROMG, but that unlike them, I don't get bored with cold weather and then long for carefree days of summer with all its cone-sucking, sundress and saltwater sandal-wearing bs because really, none of that stuff is so great when your feet are swollen and you are suffering from swamp ass.  The gray and cold are my jam, and I would like to have them stick around.

Also, I did not format the above paragraph to look the way it does.  Blogger is just a chapped anus and likes to prevent me from aligning chunks of text.  I've done all that I can to fix it, and those three lines won't budge.  I don't even care anymore.  I need a new platform, but I've been here since 2009, and I am a person that gets attached.  


I must stop reading comment sections on articles because I just read a piece about Eid, and of course there are a million angry comments by vegetarians.  PISS.  OFF.  


I get to walk up and down these stairs every single day.  There is no dumbwaiter for my groceries.  It is good exercise.  

I went on a trip to Greece.  I saw this man painting.  I forgot that I went to Berlin first, so maybe those pictures should be before this.

I also finally went to the Prague Zoo today, and it was HILAROUS.  Zoos are very funny.  You should know that.  There even was a n3ama, but it was far off in the distance in some farmer's field, and so Carlos did not get frightened which would have been a gas, I'm sure.

There is a lot of baseball going on in my home.  Not only is it the playoffs, but Carlos has begun to watch that 20 hour Ken Burns documentary.  I've watched it on and off, and much of the time I get upset at how they try to manipulate my emotions with the string music and Garrison Keillor pretending to be Walt Whitman which confuses me since Walt Whitman really has nothing to do with baseball.  I am glad, however, that they are no longer talking about Ty Cobb cause that fool was a douchebag.  I mostly zone out or paint while they are taking forever to get through war-time baseball. I hope that they end up talking about Big Unit.


Get out of here you nosey little pervert or Ima slap you silly!