Fantasy playoffs two years in a row.  Championship here I come.


oh ma god cadbury eggs


Things I've learned while searching for Boston apartments on Craigslist...people like living in ugly clutter. Also hire a realtor. 


No, really!  PEOPLE IN AMERICA STOP TALKING SO MUCH ABOUT YOUR STUPID CRAZY FOOD RESTRICTIONS!  I don't want to be that person, someone who comes back from living abroad being all, "oh America be different like this blah blah blah," but FREAKING GD this is ridiculous how differently Americans freak out about what they can and cannot eat, various diet trends, etc.  I never once saw anything paleo/whole30/bullshit-related while living overseas.  Occasionally I'd read references to these things on the internet, but never ever never never witnessed such dietary crap while in Morocco/Europe/Asia. Just live, you dummies.  Your privileged neurosis about diet are really getting on my nerves and making me regret coming back!

Just stop.

No, really.  I'm going to start being vocal about how stupid you all are to your stupid faces if it continues, and then I'm sure I'll come across as a little snot.


Don't listen to what Allmusic says (Wah wahhh it's so short, wahhhhh! Does anyone actually consult them?), Don Cherry's Live in Ankara is the hot shit.  


In America people talk about stupid paleo and/or all of their food restrictions sooooo much I want to punch them in their faces.  
I've been back in the US for a little bit, but mostly I have been sleeping or stressed out trying to get everything in order.

I started to miss Prague the other day.  I didn't have time to miss it while we were in Asia.

Grocery stores here are wowie kazowie and a thing of pure happiness and wonder.  

I'll be in Portland until May.  The neighbors across the street said that I can walk this big beautiful baby whenever I want...


Not dead.  Vietnamese internet was all wonky for a few weeks due to something messing up the main internet wire under Ocean.  I think all is back to normal now.

Ho Chi Minh City is awesome.  As bustling as it is, there are tons of little peaceful relaxing spaces with foliage and shade and a cock or two.  I meant rooster, of course.

Rush hour here is no joke.  It also occurs during peak high temperature.  I managed to avoid it until today.

THE FOOD.  Holy moly mama ravioli.  So cheap and so good and so fresh.

I have to pack for Nha Trang now.  


Haven't been here very long, but I effing love Ho Chi Minh City!  Oh man.  Here is the fabulous view from our apartment rental.  I wish that you could hear the incredible sounds from the balcony.  I tried to get it on video, but it was too dark.  


Goodbye pretty city!  I love you and will miss you and am a sentimental fool who is getting teary just writing this post!  GAH!


Tomorrow is my last day in Prague.  I am ready to move on, but I always dislike leaving somewhere in which I've spent a great deal of time.  This was a very good year, and I will love it for ever and ever.  Next up is Vietnam where I will see a friend I have missed for 6 + long years.  Nardine will also be flying into Ho Chi Minh City from Portland to hang out with us for a bit.  Then Carlos and I fly on over to Manila to visit Kellan, who I hope will want to watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade while reciting all of the lines with me.  I will only be there for 48 hours before trekking on up to Tokyo for three nights all by myself.  I cannot wait.  CANNOT WAIT.  No I cannot.

After our adventures in Asia, we'll fly across the Pacific to Portland for a few months.  Until May, maybe late April.  I plan to spend my summer in Harbor Springs because summers there are the best in the whole world.  In early July I get to be in my very first wedding as a groomswoman for Tyler, one of my best and oldest pals.  And hopefully by the end of July, at the latest, I will be settling down in Boston for at least two years, so that I can go to school.  I am real excited to get to live somewhere for longer than a year, somewhere with all four seasons!  The lack of snow everywhere else I have lived is kind of a drag, and I no longer enjoy the rain.

This has been a crazy hazy two years overseas, and it will be nice to get to see everyone again!  Woohoo!

Oh, and the best part about moving and settling in Boston is that I will finally get my very own dog and will no longer have to smother my family dog back home with all of my love!  I can't believe I almost forgot to add this.  


I've been playing a whole lot of Animal Crossing New Leaf since getting myself a nintendo 3ds while I was back in the states.  I just figured out how to get photos off of it...

Leif looks like a damned buckeye.

Someone got baked in the igloo.

 It's legal in Maomao.

So wasted.

I got myself a kaonashi outfit, woot.

And this one is for Carlos.  Go Ducks.  
Also, everyone wore really stupid basic dresses.  I am glad that I did not stay up for this trash.
Yo, I think it would have been even cooler had you girls called out Woody Allen and Roman Polanski while you were at it.  Why are those two untouchable?