Thish ish a Slazenger sheven.  

LBJ talking to Abe Fortas a day after nominating him to Supreme Court, June 29th, 1965.

Arthur Ashe

David Tudor and John Cage, Japan, 1962.

John Cage, Music for Carillon, #4, Page 2, 1961


LBJ and White House advisor Louis E. Martin at the Receptions for Democratic National Committee Delegates in the Red Room of the White House, April 20th, 1966.  Standard LBJ body language.  

My girl Charlotte Rampling in Harper's BAZAAR

Albert Eisenstaedt, Nun using card catalogue in the New York Public Library, 1944,

The Nile River Flooding by the Giza Pyramids, October 31st, 1927


If I need eight identical half inch buttons, I suppose it's probably cheaper to just buy some old shirt from the goodwill down the street and cut them off of that rather than buy packs of them from an overpriced notions shop out in the burbs.  Deep thoughts.  Also a to-do list of sorts.  

Le Bonheur, Agnès Varda, 1965

Josef Albers teaching at Black Mountain College.  

Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) stands among his fellow graduates at UCLA, June 15, 1969.  Shot by Curt Gunther for Sports Illustrated.  


Ilya Chashnik, Red Circle on Black Plane, 1925.

Mohammad Ali Defeats George Forman at "Rumble in the Jungle" on October 30th, 1974, Kinshasa, Zaire.  Shot by Neil Leifer for Sports Illustrated.  


If I finish this paper today, I will get myself a hair present.  


Coffee is honestly like a ten minute happy drug.  I love!  And it makes me want to post!  It's too bad that my gut can only stomach about one cup per half a day now that I am old and graying.  It's true!  The gray hairs are multiplying at a rapid pace.  I remember finding the first one while in Morocco and flipping out a little bit but attributing it to the stress of being a woman in the Sahara.  I never noticed any others during my year in Prague (no stress whatsoever, gosh I miss it.  Did you know that I miss Prague?  Did you!!!!!??)  None during Portland transition months, and then maybe two more in Harbor.  And now!  AND NOW!  Here they come!  I hate them!  I hate them so much.  Mostly because I hate my hair type anyway, so the grays are making it worse.  It has to be stress, right?  Maybe I am like Obama?  Or is it true?  Am I just getting old?  OLD!  What do I do!!!!!????  The temples!  UGH!  So gray!  Obviously, dying it would be an option, but I've always really liked my hair color, as it has many hues and natural highlights, so goodbye to that if I dye it.  Unless I want to pay up the rear for a professional to try to replicate my color.  That sounds fun.

I suppose in a bit I will have to say goodbye to my lovely hair color and go for something more monochrome.  Bleh.

Sure, I could be strong and embrace the gray.  Yeah right.  I'm not that confident.  HA.

I think the girl in the apartment next to mine is hacking up a lung.  It sounds painful.  It has to be.  Sound actually does not carry in this building.  I only ever hear neighbors when the kids below me really bump the bass which is not often.


I'm so sure that Wilson always has to explain information behavior models like an asshole. 


Kummy's got a pillow baby this time like Beyonce.  I know this cause her hooves aren't all swollen like when she had the last one.

The only thing for which I am grateful of Satan's minions, is that I knew not to pick James Harden in my fantasy draft being that he's boning the one that is really OJ's love child.  Never draft a player that has relations with a Kardashian.  
I just want to watch Columbo and Bond films and play video games with my Portland homies.  GRRRRRRR.  
Here I will complain about school stressing me out which is usually boring, so you need not read.

I am still recovering from the events that transpired Saturday, and I want to know how other people in grad school can juggle having friends/social life with their studies.  Am I missing something?  I feel such panic this week as I have a fairly large paper due on Monday, and the guilt that I feel if I do not focus 100% of my energy on it is making me physically ill.  It's partially why I have had no appetite.  I thought that it had returned last night, but it's gone again.  It's uncomfortable, and I want to know if it ends.  There are so many things to do like papers, lunch meet-ups with LIS professionals of which I do not know but friends of family knew at one point, internship, finding a summer internship, group projects, research and more research and more research and then research again and again and again.  How was I able to do fun activities and have friends in undergrad?  What is going on here?

I do not get to read books or watch movies anymore without falling asleep.  I don't sew, paint, or do anything Melissochka-like these days.  It's all so darn silly.

Bitch bitch moan moan bitch moan blah blah blah blah blah.  It's one of those posts.  We can't always be sunshine and rainbows and puppies.  Nope nope.


Oh man, I heart the east coast so much, and you especially, Boston.  I really like it here, I think.  Sure it's only been a few months, but normally by that amount of time in a new city, I'm already finding complaints.  Except for Prague.  There were and never will be complaints about Prague.

Okay, green line.  But is there anyone in Boston that doesn't hate the green line?

Oh and it's stupid that the 65 bus stops running at 8:30.  
Well, the appetite is officially back.  Ate too much Utz.  


Boston sure is proud of their stars!  We've got...

The Ted Williams Tunnel
Larry Bird Boulevard
Big Papi Canal
Donnie Wahlberg Way
Whitey Bulger Bridge

LOLOLOL.  Many of these are fakes, as you probably were well aware.  But Boston is hilarious.  I think it is the funniest city in which I have lived.  They sure do love their hometown heroes.  Bulger not included.  I hope that they never make a Tom Brady Avenue.  Ew.  


I'm mad right now because I swear that I wrote a post yesterday (guess not) talking about how it's killing me inside that I haven't had the right opportunity to shout, "it belongs in a museum" about any particular artifact in the museum archives.  It hasn't felt right, but I can't stand it.  All day I am bombarded with Indiana Jones references.  Just a few weeks ago, there was a dude doing research down in the archives who sounded exactly like Marcus Brody.  I'm not even kidding.  The accent was ON POINT.  That probably would have been the most glorious moment to say that the vases he had been viewing belong in a museum.  He and some German fool were talking about Sumeria.  I badly wanted to ask him if he knew any Ancient Greek.  HAAA!!!  

Such a weird dude.  For future reference it's...杉浦 茂.  

Shigeru Sugiura.  Sadly, there are not many scans of his stuff online if I search for the roman spelling of his name, and I am too lazy to get the Japanese spelling right now.