Love how over it all the Olsens were at the trash gala.  They're fabulous.  
LOLLLLL.  Why did Kanye wear jeans to the Met Gala?  


Please, for the love of all that is holy, please stop talking about Becky with the good hair.  Internet is becoming so redundant.  If I had Facebook, I'd probably have marked fools by now.  


I miss this little bugger.  The lake looks nice there, doesn't it?  I sure wish I could snap my fingers and visit Harbor for a weekend.  I hope that my grandma does not feel lonely without me around the cottage this summer.  There are ghosts in that house for certain, and you can hear them climb the creaky staircase at night, and I don't know, I just spend a lot of time worrying about people not being sad or scared.  I should figure out how to make it home for a weekend visit this summer.


Quick kitty photo dump...


Okie dokie skokies and Oakies.  Actually, no Oakies because everyone I know from Oklahoma is freaking weird and not in a good way.  Except Blake Griffin.  Even though I do not know him, he gets a pass cause he's my boy.  He doesn't know that either.  I'll get a Kia because you tell me too, Blake.  JKJKJKJKJKJKJK.

Do people type "JK" anymore?  Is that still cool, or is there something new?  I'm going to make "jota ka" popular, the Spanish jk, because I have so much internet clout.  

Hello though!  I've squared away all of my plans, and now that I know what I'm doing this summer, I reached out to all my homies and family that I neglected for months now.  I'm so selfish.  

I'm excited to say now that I will be in New York for the summer, getting $$$paid$$$ to intern at the Met's Library, and luckily my apartment rental will have air conditioning!  Woo hoo!  That's what I am most excited about.  Air con!  And it will probably be brown outs all summer long, so I will not be getting any cool air.  Also, now that I'm not going to DC anymore, I can go back and forth from Boston and NYC on weekends if I choose because 4 hour bus rides!  I am stoked to return to the city though because last time I lived there, way back in 2007 (I know, I know, I'll only be there for like two months, so I'm pretty much just visiting), I was young and inexperienced and naive and slowly getting my heart broken over the span of a year, so I did not get to enjoy the city as much as I wanted.  It's time for a short do-over, am I right?  

Not much else has been going on around these parts except for school and cat.  


Oh poopie poo.  The good kind of poopie poo cause I totally just found out that I got the NYC internship, and it's a dream, but I don't know what to do cause I had to tell those fools in DC that I accepted the summer position last week since there was a deadline to accept the offer, and I accepted it in case I didn't get this bigger badder dream one that I thought I had no chance in hell of getting.  This is like my mother likes to say is a good problem to have.

Okay fools.  I have to go think.  


Gonna go hang out at the Gropius residence in a bit.  That's right.  Gonna party it up with the ghosts of Walter and Ise!  Woot woot!
I haven't posted in a good while because I am kind of superstitious, and I was applying to a few summer internships and positions and I held my breath in many different ways until I heard back from these places.  I used to call my grandma a few times every month, and I didn't do that since late January.  I've barely talked to my other family or friends.  I just sat and waited and waited.  Because if these people I hold near and dear were to ask what my plans were for the summer, I thought it might be bad luck to even discuss the possibilities with them, and that in the end I would receive NOTHING!  And then I'd be in Boston twiddling my thumbs all summer long feeling bad about myself!

But no.  I've so far been given a paid summer cataloging internship with a library belonging to the federal government in DC.  I won't say where, so as not to jinx anything.  It's pretty cushy.  I get fancy schmancy housing provided and an impressive stipend.  I'm set.  But I'm still waiting to hear back about my interview at certain large and important NYC museum library.  I won't say where.  You can probably guess, but I do not, in any single way, want to jinx this one since it is my dream job almost.  This one gets a stipend too.  Not as much as the one in DC, and housing is not provided, but again, NEARLY ULTIMATE DREAM JOB INSTITUTION!  I should hear from them in a few days, and then if I miraculously win out and get this internship, I will have to put on my big girl pants and inform the DC folks that I will not actually be coming to help them out this summer.  And then they will hate me forever.  But because I am trying to be a more assertive and more chill individual, who cares?  Right?

So, that's where I have been.  I have been hiding and hoping for opportunities.  Because I got one so far, I think it might be okay to speak of them a tiny bit.  So there you go.


Spring Break is over.  Boy, Rio was fun!

Kidding.  LOL!  I went no where.  Except for a whole bunch of museums.  I took myself on dates to museums all week long.  It certainly felt like spring here anyway or a tropical vacation because, lordy, it was like 75 degrees one day.  That is not right.  I did not get my Boston winter this year, and so I want my money back.

I also actually missed my baby brother today.  Don't know why.  Maybe because the people I hold near and dear have really good awesome relationships with their siblings, and I never had the opportunity to have that so much since young Mitchell was born when I was 13.  But he's a good kid, and I miss him, and I hope all the time that we will be close like that as he gets older.  


Let's talk about life not in list form!  Actually, it's been pretty uneventful.  I'm in school which you all know since that's mostly what I talk about on the blog.  Either that or the cat or Boston.  Let's start with Sweaty, Ya Boy.  Here is a photo of him from the end of January after giving him a sink bath since he somehow got flea dander in his fur.  The vet recommended a bath in Dawn detergent because, for some reason, Dawn soap has something magic going on in it that other dish soaps are lacking.  I felt so bad buying it since it isn't cruelty free and I vowed last year to only buy products not tested on animals.  Ugh.  Such a hypocrite!  Here is my baby boy looking like he has mange...

He is much bigger now.  Sweaty likes to curl up on the nightstand to sleep, and he's nearly spilling over.  I'd like to buy him one of those crazy looking felt cat caves, but shipping costs from Europe and wait time makes me hesitate.  Maybe this means I should learn how to felt things myself.  Or perhaps I should get on up to Cambridge and buy enough fabric to make him a giant cat pillow bed thing that doesn't look ugly like most pet beds.  I bet if I did that, he wouldn't give it a second glance. Actually, he surprises me in that (I know, I know, I say this all the time) he is not at all cat-like.  Sweaty is so affectionate and playful and plays fetch and never gets annoyed when you smother him with love.  I've yet to be bit or scratched except for when it's bedtime, and he suddenly gets in psycho kitty mode and claws at my feet, so that I will play.  That doesn't count.

The only thing that I am not enjoying about cat motherhood is that he makes so many messes.  With the litter, his toys, and with my personal stuff!  I caught myself yelling at him the other day, "this is why we can't have nice things!"  Just like my mother used to say.  It just slipped out.  But, I don't think it is fair that I cannot have a vase of dried roses on my windowsill without him chewing on the petals, or that I have to rearrange my perfume bottles on my dresser since he's discovered that it's fun to move those around with his paws.  I just want a nice home!  A clean, well-organized, minimally decorated home!  And his crap is making this hard to achieve!

But I love him.  He's got huge round eyes, and a smooshy-like snout that isn't too smooshy like a Persian, and his personality rocks my world.  I loved my childhood cat, Cleo, so very much for all her 19 years, but she was such a cat.  Such a snotty little bitch.  I could touch her for maybe five seconds before she'd bite or scratch.  And most cats are like that with me. I was hesitant to get a cat initially because of this.  Because I wanted an animal to crave my affection and attention, and cats do not particularly enjoy this sort of thing which is why I was holding out.  Circumstances prevented a dog here in Boston, but I had been reading that Scottish Folds are more like dogs than cats.  I worried when I got him that he would be an exception, but nope!  He is my tiny, shedding, indoor puppy dog.

Last night Carlos and I went to the Celtics/Blazers game that ended up being blow out which was surprising as Lillard was in attack mode for the first half, and Portland had a significant lead.  Blah blah blah.  But Carlos told me that the Blazers had played four straight games, and so the loss was not surprising.  At least it wasn't Detroit.  I've been saying it since 2004, but I think next year will be Detroit's year, although both the Celtics and the Blazers have pretty up-and-coming rosters right now.  So young, so hopeful.  I just wish Portland would get rid of that Bieber wannabe Meyers Leonard.  Fool pretty much lost the game for them last night.

What else? what else?  I've been playing a lot of video games up in Somerville which is a nice escape for me, a nice Melissa-time thing.  And I get to talk about Pokemon a lot.  It's kind of like I'm on vacation when I go up there because it's a good 45+ minute public transportation commute (I promised myself no uber for at least a month cause that shit adds up, and I do get a whole lot of reading done on the train).  So yeah, it feels like I went out of town for the weekend or something, and then I come back to Allston/Brighton/Brookline and feel refreshed and ready to go.  It's good for my sanity.  I suppose I could be making art and/or reading instead of zoning out to video games, but if it makes me feel motivated afterward and satisfies my me-time quota, then I guess it can't be all bad, can it?

I found a legit brick and mortar fabric shop which also does pints and crafting every week, so that should satisfy the Melissa-time need too.  So Portland.

I was a guest on Ari, Nardine, and Carlos's podcast last week.  We did Melrose Place, and while I loved getting to be on (I've always wanted to be on a comedy podcast), it would have been better had I had my own mic.  I'd think of something funny to say, and in the time it took to get the mic from Carlos, I'd hesitate and refrain from telling the joke thinking the right moment had passed.  Maybe next time.

Okay I am going to sew now.  Bye.  


Holy hella vanity sizing there, J. Crew.  Go home, you're drunk.  


Sheesh.  What a crazy past few days.  Being on the Gronk's party ship will do that do you!

JKJKJKJKJK.  But seriously, this is a thing!?  Either way, the Gronk, AKA Ryan Lochte 2.0, has finally made me a Pats fan.  Jeah!