Oh yucky yuck.  I'm officially too old to throw down hard when it comes to drinking, even though throwing down hard for me is three healthy glasses of whiskey.  I awoke cranky, achy, and tired, and my skin looked a hot mess.  Gray almost.  It was better earlier this year when I stopped drinking mostly, but now that I am back in school, I've needed a vice every so often to help me relax.  I just really enjoy whiskey.  But let's tone it down to a glass a week at the most.  And I'll stick with buying pricier bottles, so that I am forced not to indulge so often.  Savor the sweet nectar.

Now I will go running through Brookline to sweat out the toxins.  I like running in Brookline because it's hilly and reminds me a little of Harbor Springs with less Yukons and Escalades and no lake.

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