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Or you can write me a real letter because I would love that the most.  But in order to do so, please email me for a current address and let me know that you are not scary and/or crazy in the bad sort of way.  

Or, if you are feeling brave and adventurous, you can take the letter to the town of Harbor Springs where my family lives and I sometimes visit, and you can drive or bike to the village of Goodhart.  Turn left just past the Goodhart General Store.  Take that road about a mile or so until you see an old abandoned house.  Inside there, on the second floor, you will find what was once a mattress but is now mostly fluffy cotton (even in the rain) and metal springs, and you can tie the letter to this somewhere.  I will eventually find it.  Just note in the letter that it is for Melissochka and no one else, so that people will not take it.  My hometown is friendly like that.  

Or I suppose you can always comment on a post that you like.  I promise that I am nice and will respond kindly.  

Thank you for visiting.  I appreciate it.  

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