Oh my god internet!  Because my extended family on my dad's side are WASPs, and because there is no communication whatsoever with my mom's side, I don't normally have to have too much togetherness and blabbidy blah, but holy moly, I have been stressed the ever loving goodness out.  I am so afraid of doing anything rude or not spending enough time with everyone, or blowing people off.  I have cankers all inside of my mouth.  I just want everyone to be happy and comfortable, so I have sacrificed my own comfort which I am being told by my mother not to do.  Easier said than done.  Oye.

Tyler's wedding is on Friday, and I thought that my dress was pretty much completed, but last night it was humid, and I tried it on, and it looked terrible!  I'm assuming Ann Arbor will be humid on Friday afternoon because, well, Ann Arbor.  Oh, it was awful!  Ill-fitting in the bodice, and I was looking a wee bit pregnant.  Ew.  So I have a lot of work to do still, and now I am not so proud of the dress I have made.  And I have been biking and running non-stop, and I swear it made me look ten pounds heavier than I am.  Oh humidity.  Maybe I can google a way not to look heavier in humid weather.  Maybe there is a remedy.

I am also scared of them doing my hair and make-up because I don't let anyone touch me ever.  I even cut my own hairs because I trust no one else.  But the bride is really really pretty, and I think that she has good taste and her hair always looks fabulous, so I am going to suck it up and trust that the people she has hired will make me look okay.

Look at all of these fears that I have!  What the H is going on with me!?  STOP IT!  YOU HAVE A PRETTY DARN GOOD THING GOING ON IN THIS LIFE, MELISSOCHKA!  YOU CHILL OUT.

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