It's wedding weekend time!  And I fixed my dress, so that I look my normal size in it.  All it took was an extra sleeve layer.  Luckily, I THINK, it will not be as hot as I expected, so I won't look a complete mess like I did at my own wedding which was conveniently on the most humid day of the year.

That is all, I suppose.  I am so behind on emails from friends far away, and I feel awful about it.  I've been a little obsessive about working out during most of my free time, as well as making sure my Grandma is happy and comfortable up here this summer without my Grandpa around anymore, therefore, I honestly have not had much down time.  Okay, I am getting teary, so I will stop talking about this.

I haven't got any time for music and movies either.  I cannot remember the last time I saw or listened to something new.

Going to stop complaining now.  This weekend will hopefully be a splendid time.

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