Help is needed because today when I went to buy wine, there was a woman there that I instantly recognized, and maybe it was the only time (including back when I lived here for not just a summer... YEAH, REMEMBER!?  Not really.  I just needed to type that jokingly in all caps so as to lessen my sounding like an ass, but...) that I saw someone kind of famous in the city and actually got excited.  No, I would never approach anyone ever, and this is because I never approach anyone human ever, especially not the common man.  P. U.

Well, I saw this woman, and I remembered her always being featured in quite a few blurbs + in Vogue in the mid to late nineties and maybe even into the early 2000s.  She was a very tall Asian American woman, and I mean at least 6 feet in height.  She is not known as a model, but an artist.  I don't remember which kind, but it feels right to say that she was a painter and obviously stylish--because this was when models were actually on the covers (yawn, boring old Vogue criticism, even though it has merit), therefore Vogue was okay still.  This woman was around 50 years old at the time, probably 65 at the latest, but let it be known that I am not talented at guessing the age of someone.  I am typing so many different search terms and being given zero results.  If anyone knows who I am talking about, please tell me her name.  It was the only time I got excited in my heart seeing someone famous/kind of famous.  She still looked crazy stylish and beautiful even though it has maybe ten years since I saw a photo of her.  Seriously, she was in that magazine a lot.  That and the New York Times for sure.

I typed all of this out so terribly which is nothing knew.  It's all bad grammar and punctuation and typing like I think which probably isn't flattering.  Let's keep digging.  Is this humbleness over-the-top?  It's impossible to be self-deprecating without sounding like you're full of shit/ironically covering up for actually being terrible at writing.  

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