I carried some 60 lbs of art books home from the Met, filling two large handle bags as well as my backpack.  My shoulders are in such pain, but I got a great haul!  Thank you employee sale!  Instead of taking the 4/5 down to Union Square, I trekked across Central Park, so that I could take the C to 8th Ave and 14th (the first L stop) in order to be guaranteed a seat.  A bit out of the way, but it was so worth it.  I sound like one of those Los Angeles fools who always talk about which highways they had to take.  No one cares, right?  I think that I might actually do this every day now because I hate standing on the subway, and I will never ever understand those people who choose to stand when there are available seats.  My feet hurt enough from walking everywhere.  Not just in New York, but also in Boston.  You all are crazy.

It is barely 7 pm, and I think that I need to go to bed.  

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