Here comes an unpopular opinion!  Kayne is CLEARY trolling.  Duh, album coming out.  Everyone is flipping their shit being all, "he's mentally unstable blah blah blah I fear for his children blah blah he's awful oh poor tay tay" and all that.  I'm not excusing him, no.  The Cosby tweet was not cool, but really, it's all so obviously fake and staged.  Same with the Taylor Swift feud thing going on.  There is no way that is all not perfectly choreographed.  She's in on it too.  Both of them win in a way.  I'm over the Kayne outrage all over the internet because it's all so boring, being that they're obviously  punking the public.  Cocaine Barbie Swift is most definitely in on it, so people need to sit down, chill out, and stop acting as if she's been severely mistreated more than anyone else has been ever in life.  She can most definitely handle herself.

They're all assholes.  


Anonymous said...

Did you hear he is opposed to the bill in congress banning seafood harvested by slaves? He said he loves slaves.

Melissochka said...

So sure, Carlos.