Don't you ever order a printable sewing pattern from one of the big four pattern companies!  I'm talking Vogue/McCalls/Simplicity/Butterscotchwhatever.  Do not do it!  Because they do not send you a simple pdf.  NO!  They email you a link to some bullshit site printsew.com, and from there you need to register (YES!  MORE EMAILS!) and then you have to download AND register for this POS application called LockLizard which you have to use in order to view the pattern that you have just purchased with your own good money.  And is it a pdf yet?  NOPE!  It is a pdc which an exclusive extension to LockLizard, meaning, yes, that it is LOCKED.  It can only be viewed and printed from this bullshit lizardycock (typo, and it stays) application!  Seriously!?

This means that you can only successfully print the pattern if you have your very own printer!  Who the fuck has a printer anymore?  It's the 90s!

And there are virtually no hacks or programs which can successfully convert this pdc file to a pdf.  GTFO.

I'm serious.  One cannot print this on a library or school printer or even at their local kinko's.  Nope nope nope.  My school even has remote printing where I can upload my file onto the web from my laptop and then print on one of their consoles, but again, because it is a .pdc file, it is not recognized, so it cannot even be uploaded.  Understandable because it is a crap extension that should not even be a thing!  PDC.  More like PDSTUPID, am I right?

Who does this?!  The big four, that's who!  And they do not at all make this clear prior to purchasing. And then you cannot get a refund.

I managed to waste a whole bunch of time this afternoon taking 40 screenshots of every page and then merging the images before printing them at school, and it looks to be actual size, but we'll see.  It probably isn't, and I'll be sure to give these assholes a piece of my mind.  

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