New Years resolutions because I do that now and did well with them last year...

- A lot more yoga.
- Walk most places, especially since the green line is my worst enemy.
- No sugar until my birthday (cake) and then no sugar again unless I come across the perfect treat.
- Harmonium practice 5 days a week.
- No dairy except for when I eat out/special occasions because it makes me break out so hard.  You should have seen my face after the holidays and all that cheese.
- Get the dreaded things done first thing in the morning.  Before breakfast.
- Take a fabulous me trip somewhere awesome and far far away this year.
- Visit friends in NYC because I'm super close, and there is no excuse.
- Continue to illustrate all of the original pokemon while I watch things on the tv.
- Love myself.
- Drink almost never.

How's that?  A lot of food restriction!  Not really. I won't be that person that flips at 2g of sugar in the jar of dolmades.  Just no candy or any of the obvious sugary treats.  And the dairy thing is hard.  It's not that I want to give it up.  I love yogurt and cheese.  Pizza is my best friend in the whole world, but it wreaks havoc on my face, and I'm getting too old for breakouts.  I think my allowance of pizza once a month is sufficient.

Oh!  And blog more!  But do people even still blog?  I read somewhere that the blog is out, and snapchat is in, but I don't get snapchat all that much.  Those things disappear so quickly, and you can't say all that much.  Maybe the new blog is instagram?  It's not like I did this for anyone but myself anyway, so I'll just keep up with the ole blog.  

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