Lately (because I'm exhausted and need a nap and do not feel like rambling until earlier this evening after coffee or some other form of caffeine)...

-Have scottish fold kitten.
-Have SMART scottish fold kitten that already watches tv and is mad perceptive, affectionate, and not at all cat like.  He's basically a puppy.  Except I do not have to worry about him laying a G on my floor.
-Started classes.  PARTUH.  This semester doesn't seem overwhelming.  Yet.  Haven't started my other class.
-Star Wars Battlefront holla.  Want a PS4 now.  So sure.
-Do not see gray hairs on my head anymore for some reason.  Not even the temples.  Did I actually reverse the gray like my parents' dog?
-Also thicker hair.  New poo worked!  Or I stressed out less this last month.
-Keeping up with the resolutions, not the Kartrashians.
-Ari, Nar, and Carlos's podcast.  The Walker Texas Ranger ep had me in stitches, and this isn't just cause they're my friends and that I was not under the influence when I listened.
-Pokemon drawing.
-Pokemon Go.
-Seeing that I can download Pokemon snap onto my wii.
-Friends that actually like Pokemon.
-Summer internship apps in, a mad supportive prof/advisor who is helping me tremendously with this process.

Time to nap.  Bye.

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