I think that I would like this chair.  Maybe.  It might be too much.  It is in Brazilian rosewood.  They no longer use Brazilian rosewood for Eames chairs anymore.  At least that is what my grandmother tells me.  She also told me during the holidays that I can have my grandpa's Eames lounger with ottoman which, as a matter of fact, is so old that it is also rosewood.  You do not know how pumped this made me.  She doesn't like it which is why she is giving it away. To me. She says it looks well and good but that it isn't comfortable.  I disagree 100%.  That damned chair is the most comfortable thing I've ever sat in.  Much more so than the Wassily chair, but duh.  And although I will feel like such a cliché with an Eames lounger, and it isn't as cool as the Wassily, I kind of don't give one fuck because it is that comfortable.  And much more practical than the Marcel Breuer.  And being that it is one of the older versions in the rosewood and belonged to my dear grandpa who loved that chair with all his heart, I am happy to have it passed down to me (oh, are you, Melissa?  Are you?  You're such a brat).  Now if only I can get it out here to Massachusetts.  Who knows when the fam will visit.  Or maybe someone will get me a car which is real practical here in Boston.  Because I live in an area of the city with endless parking!  Will über take me to Rochester and back?

God, I sound like a pretentious little you know what in this post.  But I actually have been thinking about chairs and furniture for the past hour or so as well as redecorating and rearranging my place.  And the caffeine has kicked in, so I obviously think what I have to say is so important and interesting.  But bratty.

I promise that I am not bratty.  Even though they say that those who protest their bad traits normally indeed possess them.  I'm just on vacation and not being in school has allowed my mind to focus on material things and that which might appeal to my aesthetics.  Also, I've been craving ridding my apartment of things I no longer use or need.  I went on a rampage this summer in Harbor Springs and basically donated 75% of my belongings which had been collecting dust in my parents' basement.  I have only regretted getting rid of ONE thing since then.  It was a shirt.  A shirt that was well-worn, but one which was a very flattering shape and pattern which I wish I could emulate when sewing new tops, and doing so would be so much easier if I had that shirt still.  I could just deconstruct it and draw patterns with the pieces.  Ugh.

Back to ridding myself of stuff.  Yes.  Doing it again.  I was thinking about 2017, when I will have to move out and into a new apartment or my very first house/condo/pretty please (I do not want to stay in this building because it's 99% students, and I can do better than that...bratty), and I would like my move to be as stress-free as possible.  If you know me at all, I move a lot.  A LOT.  I get restless once year two in any city comes around.  Not Boston though.  I can't imagine getting restless here I love it so!  But, I do not think I have rented anything for over a year.  This will be my first, come to think of it.  Anyway, as much as I've moved, I never ever actually tried to make it easier for myself, and so the week of transporting my things is always hell with fighting and cursing and tears and dirty dusty hands.  This time will be different.  I've stuck to my rule that if I buy anything new, I have to get rid of something I already have.

I've found it relaxing to slowly decrease the size of my belongings.  The only stressful items I suppose that I have still are my books and furniture.  Oh maybe kitchen appliances, uhhhhh.  Even my make up and skin care stuff has been whittled down, but I think back to when I moved to Portland, or when I moved from NE Portland to NW Portland even, back in 2011, and how much agony that was.  Oh god, that was awful.  Or even when I moved out of the apartment in NW Portland.  That was the worst!  So much stuff!  I hate being tied down by things I've finally realized.  I cannot believe how much stuff I used to have.  Oh, like when Brendt and I lived together in Ann Arbor and how stressed we both were moving!  He was like my twin in having too much stuff.  In fact, I am sure that his family still has some of my things in their basement, oh man.  Hahahaha.  That's so long ago now.  Wow.

I keep going off.  It's the caffeine, like I said.  Stuff.  Yes.  I don't know about you, but I need less of it, and I really get off in working to only keep the stuff which sparks joy.  Shout out to mah girl, Marie Kondo.  You're book actually is life-changing and not a passing idea cause I read it a long time ago now, and I'm still tweaking my home and organization skills.  Except books.  Girl, I will never ever ever downsize my library.  I don't care what you say.

Chairs to this.  PARTY!  

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