Woohoo, semester is finally over.  After today.  I can resume internet window shopping and lusting over designer material things when I should be doing stuff for others!

I have not been in the holiday spirit.  Maybe because I've been busy and don't even know the date today.  No tree, no cookies, no movies or music.  I feel like my mother!  Ha!

And I can read books again!  Books that I want to read!

And Boston.  Oh Boston, how I love you with all my heart!  I'll keep saying it.  Because this love continues to grow.  You've got me, baby.  I think I've found a US city where I don't feel restless and point out all of the negatives as soon as I move to it.  Unless opportunities call my name from select cities abroad, you'll have to pry me from New England by my cold dead fingers.  

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