Finally in Harbor Springs after spending about a week in Rochester with Daisy and my Grandma.  And I saw Colin!  Yay!  Back from Vietnam for the holidays!  What a gift!

There is no snow, and this is a giant rip off, and even worse, apparently it is almost 70 degrees in Boston.  Glad that I did not splurge on a fancy winter coat this year.  Look at what this blog has come to!  I am talking about the weather.

My dog is neurotic as ever.  My homies are taking me to Star Wars tonight.  Ummm, I should probably get dressed because their timing is always wonky.  My brother was a sweetheart and got me a whole bunch of marzipan fruit for Christmas which is awesome because we're 13 years apart and aren't super close (he's just a baby, but now we get along quite well), and he remembered that marzipan is one of my most favorite things.

Parents got me Steely Dan Gaucho on vinyl which was a surprise treat!  Don't judge.  I also got Aja right before I left Boston which isn't my favorite Steely Dan, but my boss at the Harvard Semitic Museum has that last name, and Stephen and I hella inside joked about it all semester.  WOOOO HOOO.

Also my parents got me like three pairs of shoes, and my grandma got me some loafers, and I have no idea how I am going to get all of these onto the plane.  I suppose there are worse things that I could worry about.

My right knee has been achy.  I can't even do yoga without it being painful.  I have no idea what is going on.  My dad has terrible knees, so I hope that I have no inherited something from him.

CVS on Commonwealth, stop calling to tell me that my meds are ready.

Northern Michigan still has stupid cell phone reception.

There is a new memory foam bed in my old bedroom which I do not want to leave.

What else?  What else?  I really should get ready before they get here.  BYE!!!!!!

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