Whoopsie, nope.  I had the coffee, and then I got dizzy.  So I had to eat a whole cucumber which was kind of bleh on its own, so I decided to dip it in soy sauce since sometimes that reminds me of veggie sushi.  But it wasn't the same without wasabi.  And then I got a stomach ache.  And then I had to go to dinner.  And now my tummy hurts even more.  And I was stupid because I just ate way too many dates, and now it feels as if I have baseballs in my gut.  So to remedy this I have consumed probably the equivalent of 2 gallons of water.  It is okay though.  I will pace myself because that much water can be bad.  Like the woman who tried to win the wii.  Or the time Sanjay tried to drink 5 liters in under an hour only to end up projectile vomiting all over the bathroom of the Bab Sahara.  

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