Hi, I'm back in Prague.  It's been awhile.  I returned last week, I think, but I have been entirely too tired and lazy to do much on the internet.  I think I am okay now, but it worries me that I have been falling asleep and going to bed around 11-11:30 the past few nights.  Late nights with 6 or fewer hours of sleep is boss, so this better end soon.

I also bought a new camera, and it is a dream camera.  A magic camera, really.  It's all digital rangefinder-like and, in my opinion, the closest thing to a Leica M9 without being a million and one dollars.  And people would never try to steal it cause it looks old, like the 1954 Leica M3 without saying LEICA on it.  I even personalized it with tape!  People in Portland were all, "WHAT!?  That's digital! WHOAAAA!"  My dlsr was getting on my last nerves, and I kind of stopped carrying it anywhere because of how heavy and large the damned thing is.  Because I am not a paid photographer working in a studio, I felt that camera was unnecessary.  I also felt like a douche on the street with it.  The new camera takes way better photos too, and I think it works better manually than my old canon.  I feel so happy walking around now taking pictures and not like a sad giant chicken, too afraid of being in everyone's way with my clunker dlsr.  I am freeeeeee.

My only gripe is that since it is a newer camera, for some reason my CS6 doesn't want to read its raw files.  Probably cause that shit is pirated, so I cannot update any plug-ins.  Even though it is another step in my editing process, the dng converter does the job.  Wah wah wah.  Life is hahaharrrrd.

Tomorrow is my 3 year wedding anniversary which seems unreal.  I feel like I have only known Carlos for three years.  Marriage is nuts guys, just nuts.  We're going to drink champagne and rent a swan boat.

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