I am in Portland for a wedding mostly, and it is nice and sunny, and there is customer service which is crazy to me.  Also, the bartender at Produce Row was so nice that I wanted to be best friends with him.  People on ebay keep asking me the shipping cost for my camera to Canada when I specifically stated that I only ship to 'merica.  Jingles came to visit me for the day from Seattle, and we decided to picnic in Grant Park, and when we went to New Seasons, I was way overwhelmed.  In a good way.  So many options.  They say that everyone gets culture shock coming back, but it isn't so bad.  I don't know why everyone I know has a hard time with this.  Ummm, what else?  What else?  When we flew from London to Chicago, we flew right over Harbor Springs, and I could see every little thing in my pretty home town.  The neighbors across the street have the most beautiful bernese mountain dog, and when I go to pet her, she rolls right over and wants her belly rubbed.  They said that I can take her on a walk anytime.  This is hard for me because Carlos and I had settled on a dog breed for when we move back to the US next year, but right now all I can think about is Bernese.  The only complaints that I have so far is that I seem to bloat every time that I eat, and that when Nardine and Danny were here and watching the tv with us, everyone on it seemed soooooooo stupid.  I hope that this paragraph thing that I wrote wasn't too hard to read.  I am just too lazy for those kind of spaces today.

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