Hate blog!

I hate...

Flying domestically.  You all can go to hell!
Weddings further than an hour away.  You all can go to hell too!
That canadian goose that barked at me last night.
That mean beezie that argues with anything anyone else says in my art documentation class when there is no need to argue.
The owners of the dog nearby who never ever stops barking.
The sun.
The MBTA drivers who never open the backdoors on the T or the bus.  I'm so sure.
The sun.
Walnut hill.  This ain't no San Francisco, GTFO.
5+ street intersections when on a bicycle.


snowflake unicorn said...

way do you have to be so rude and mean No one should go to hell. you can't talk like that its very rude and you need to stop

Lupe Fiasco said...

Geez relax, it's not like she said "Jesus should burn in hell," or "God is the devil and should burn in hell," then maybe I'd understand why you were upset, if she said something like "people of this Earth should burn in the fiery ashes of eternal damnation."

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Joshua said...

First of all, people who ride bikes on streets with 5+ intersections are assholes. You're just an idiot. Secondly, it's "its blaring rays" not "it's blaring rays." If you'e gonna hate something, do it right.

Alecia Elvina said...

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fjdklafjlkdsa said...

Hahaha, Joshua, I do indeed have it spelled as its, so I do not know to what you are referring. Also, cities are stupid for having infrastructure catering mainly to the automobile rather than pedestrians, so be nice. Have a great day!