Not ready to go back to Boston yet!  GAHHHH!!!!  I mean, I miss it a whole lot, and New York is FILTHY and hot and dense and tiring, but I love my work here!  I am so sad, and I will surely cry like a baby on Friday.  If only NYC decided to sell the Met to the MFA, life would be perfect.  If only.  Why can't that big beautiful museum of love be in Boston?  NYC, you're cool, but I do not want to live on an island, and you're way too crowded in too small a space, and I like to be able to own a car.  Spread out a bit like the other large cities of the world.  And stop being so filthy.  I like wearing light colors.

And put escalators in your subway stations because people do not know how to climb stairs.  I obviously know how to climb stairs.  Let's see, what else can you do to improve?  Oh! I know!  You could do like London does and charge a congestion fee, so that it is actually quicker to take a cab.  Other than that, I kind of love you now, and I apologize for hating on you so hard the last time that I lived here.  Really, I was just a sad, lonely, and insecure girl fresh outta college with a bunch of issues, a breaking heart, and nary an idea of how live, how to just be.  Also, New York, please go ahead and help the Met to take care of its budget issues, so that I can have a full-time job right out of school, and so that all my MuSE friends can get their dream jobs too!

Next time, it's Upper West Side because I can't do Brooklyn or Queens, for I am becoming paranoid in my old age, and when disaster strikes, I would prefer not to have to escape by going from one island to another in order to reach the rest of America!

Still love you the most, Boston, you hilarious and quirky old man you.

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