What's that?  I hear blogging is dead kind of.  Mine sure seems like it.  I haven't got much to say these days except I'm running around and getting things done and going back and forth from Boston to New York and yada yada yada I'm really tired today.

Pour one out for Ali.

No, but really.  I "moved" to Brooklyn on Wednesday, and my work does not start until Monday, so I came back home to Boston two days later just to kick it after filling out some paperwork and getting my nasty-looking ID badge. ID pictures are usually terrible, but what is it these days with the head looking so flat and large in the photographs?  And the nice man was all, "here, do you want to see your picture!?"  I was hoping to just get the badge and not really take a look at my photo all summer. It's been done.  Like my license, I've barely looked at the picture.  Insecurities, with your host.  I can't ACTUALLY look like that, can I?

It's so nice only being three and a half hours away from home.  I forgot how intense NYC is, how exhausted I feel at the end of the day when I haven't even done all that much.  And compared to other massive cities I've visited around the world like London, Tokyo, or HCMC, there is this heavy, claustrophobic feeling I've yet to find elsewhere.  In those other enormously populated places, I was easily able to stumble upon more tranquil and calming areas.  I'm sure if I traveled to Shanghai, I might find it comparable to this heaviness of NYC.  I suppose Manila kind of had it, but I was barely there for 48 hours.  Don't get me wrong, New York is great, and I love love love all that there is to do, but man, unless I am miraculously bringing in seven figures one day, I can't imagine living there for more than a few years.  I have this paranoia that no one can live to a very old age in New York because even when I sit on the grass, deep in Central Park, I start to imagine how rotten the soil is, like it is a sponge that soaks up all the pollutants.  Does that sound high?  C'mon think about it!  Kind of like how on the golf course back in the day, when a Canadian Goose hatched a bunch of goslings, they always looked mutant, almost neon green in color which I figured was a result of all the chemicals sprayed onto the grounds which also most likely trickled into the ponds and streams.  Is it ridiculous to think that humans on the island of Manhattan might be affected?  Yeah yeah, I know this all sounds silly, but I think about it occasionally.  And I mean, I'm probably wrong. I haven't checked the New York obits, but I'm sure fools live until 90 there too.

Ha, I was actually only in New York for two days.  No, but I found that not much had changed since I lived there way back when.  Except for that ridiculous 432 Park Ave building.  You could not pay me to ever live in that penthouse.  That thing is going to fall right over.  I don't even care what the architect says.  


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