Okie dokie skokies and Oakies.  Actually, no Oakies because everyone I know from Oklahoma is freaking weird and not in a good way.  Except Blake Griffin.  Even though I do not know him, he gets a pass cause he's my boy.  He doesn't know that either.  I'll get a Kia because you tell me too, Blake.  JKJKJKJKJKJKJK.

Do people type "JK" anymore?  Is that still cool, or is there something new?  I'm going to make "jota ka" popular, the Spanish jk, because I have so much internet clout.  

Hello though!  I've squared away all of my plans, and now that I know what I'm doing this summer, I reached out to all my homies and family that I neglected for months now.  I'm so selfish.  

I'm excited to say now that I will be in New York for the summer, getting $$$paid$$$ to intern at the Met's Library, and luckily my apartment rental will have air conditioning!  Woo hoo!  That's what I am most excited about.  Air con!  And it will probably be brown outs all summer long, so I will not be getting any cool air.  Also, now that I'm not going to DC anymore, I can go back and forth from Boston and NYC on weekends if I choose because 4 hour bus rides!  I am stoked to return to the city though because last time I lived there, way back in 2007 (I know, I know, I'll only be there for like two months, so I'm pretty much just visiting), I was young and inexperienced and naive and slowly getting my heart broken over the span of a year, so I did not get to enjoy the city as much as I wanted.  It's time for a short do-over, am I right?  

Not much else has been going on around these parts except for school and cat.  

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