I haven't posted in a good while because I am kind of superstitious, and I was applying to a few summer internships and positions and I held my breath in many different ways until I heard back from these places.  I used to call my grandma a few times every month, and I didn't do that since late January.  I've barely talked to my other family or friends.  I just sat and waited and waited.  Because if these people I hold near and dear were to ask what my plans were for the summer, I thought it might be bad luck to even discuss the possibilities with them, and that in the end I would receive NOTHING!  And then I'd be in Boston twiddling my thumbs all summer long feeling bad about myself!

But no.  I've so far been given a paid summer cataloging internship with a library belonging to the federal government in DC.  I won't say where, so as not to jinx anything.  It's pretty cushy.  I get fancy schmancy housing provided and an impressive stipend.  I'm set.  But I'm still waiting to hear back about my interview at certain large and important NYC museum library.  I won't say where.  You can probably guess, but I do not, in any single way, want to jinx this one since it is my dream job almost.  This one gets a stipend too.  Not as much as the one in DC, and housing is not provided, but again, NEARLY ULTIMATE DREAM JOB INSTITUTION!  I should hear from them in a few days, and then if I miraculously win out and get this internship, I will have to put on my big girl pants and inform the DC folks that I will not actually be coming to help them out this summer.  And then they will hate me forever.  But because I am trying to be a more assertive and more chill individual, who cares?  Right?

So, that's where I have been.  I have been hiding and hoping for opportunities.  Because I got one so far, I think it might be okay to speak of them a tiny bit.  So there you go.

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