Oooohhh wheeee, what a terrible week so far!  At least since Friday, was it?  TMI alert: it's period-related.  But this one is a doozie, geez louise.  If my mother were here, she'd slap me silly.  I've been moping around since Friday like Eeyore all, "nobody likes me everybody hates me" when I know this is further from the truth.  What a mope I have been.  Pity party central to the max.  Not even comfort movies, the ole reliable pax, gaming, and books have been able to lift my spirits.

I even sat in class today with a huge, shit-eating grin on my face thinking that it would cheer me up if I forced a smile, and no, I just got crankier and crankier with myself for zoning out with said shit-eating grin.  My professor probably thinks I am crazy.  Especially since I tried to opinion on something to the class and went on all sorts of tangents and cut myself off midway through.

I haven't got too much else to say except that I hope I feel less like a curmudgeon tomorrow morning.

Ya Boy Sweaty learned to chew cords recently, so we've got that to deal with.  He's a needy little bugger who flips out when no one gives him attention.

I did get that ridiculous summer Met application in though.  Fat chance I'll get this one, but it doesn't hurt to try, right?

I want to go hang out with Colin in Vietnam right now and nothing else.  I'd bring Sweaty, but he might get...ahem...sweaty.

You're welcome.  

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