Here I will complain about school stressing me out which is usually boring, so you need not read.

I am still recovering from the events that transpired Saturday, and I want to know how other people in grad school can juggle having friends/social life with their studies.  Am I missing something?  I feel such panic this week as I have a fairly large paper due on Monday, and the guilt that I feel if I do not focus 100% of my energy on it is making me physically ill.  It's partially why I have had no appetite.  I thought that it had returned last night, but it's gone again.  It's uncomfortable, and I want to know if it ends.  There are so many things to do like papers, lunch meet-ups with LIS professionals of which I do not know but friends of family knew at one point, internship, finding a summer internship, group projects, research and more research and more research and then research again and again and again.  How was I able to do fun activities and have friends in undergrad?  What is going on here?

I do not get to read books or watch movies anymore without falling asleep.  I don't sew, paint, or do anything Melissochka-like these days.  It's all so darn silly.

Bitch bitch moan moan bitch moan blah blah blah blah blah.  It's one of those posts.  We can't always be sunshine and rainbows and puppies.  Nope nope.

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