Coffee is honestly like a ten minute happy drug.  I love!  And it makes me want to post!  It's too bad that my gut can only stomach about one cup per half a day now that I am old and graying.  It's true!  The gray hairs are multiplying at a rapid pace.  I remember finding the first one while in Morocco and flipping out a little bit but attributing it to the stress of being a woman in the Sahara.  I never noticed any others during my year in Prague (no stress whatsoever, gosh I miss it.  Did you know that I miss Prague?  Did you!!!!!??)  None during Portland transition months, and then maybe two more in Harbor.  And now!  AND NOW!  Here they come!  I hate them!  I hate them so much.  Mostly because I hate my hair type anyway, so the grays are making it worse.  It has to be stress, right?  Maybe I am like Obama?  Or is it true?  Am I just getting old?  OLD!  What do I do!!!!!????  The temples!  UGH!  So gray!  Obviously, dying it would be an option, but I've always really liked my hair color, as it has many hues and natural highlights, so goodbye to that if I dye it.  Unless I want to pay up the rear for a professional to try to replicate my color.  That sounds fun.

I suppose in a bit I will have to say goodbye to my lovely hair color and go for something more monochrome.  Bleh.

Sure, I could be strong and embrace the gray.  Yeah right.  I'm not that confident.  HA.

I think the girl in the apartment next to mine is hacking up a lung.  It sounds painful.  It has to be.  Sound actually does not carry in this building.  I only ever hear neighbors when the kids below me really bump the bass which is not often.

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