I like avocado just fine.  Most of the time I eat it with bit of soy sauce and wasabi because it then kind of tastes like sushi, but I will take it plain if I haven't got either of those things handy.  But lately, all over the internet, it seems people are all about avocado toast!  Avocado toast!  Avocado GROSS, I say.  It seemed simple enough, and I made it on a slice of ciabatta with a dash of sea salt and fresh pepper!  Oh my!  NO!  For some reason this tasted disgusting.  It was not satisfying, and I am still nauseous and can feel the damned avocado toast in my throat an hour and a half later and I am reminded of each swallow as I tried to eat that pile of ick, nast.  Only successfully finished a quarter of the toast and threw the rest into the trash.  Avocado was perfectly fresh and ripe, so I don't know what went wrong.  It sort of tasted like creamy mash.  Maybe on really really crisp toast it would be okay.  Maybe with some pesto?  But then I'd rather just eat pesto toast which is heaven.

Am drinking cans of la croix to wash out the throat and feed bubbles into my tummy, but it does not seem to be working.  Am scared I will vomit on my bike ride.  

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