Why is it that every home interior shot I see that features the Wassily chair, are there always two or more?  I would like to see more decorating ideas with only one, thank you.  Also in smaller spaces, please.  It's a difficult piece to work around for sure.

I am bad at decorating because I own(ed) way too many things and am trying to get rid of it all before I move, so I would like some inspiration.

Been bogged down by stuff for way too long.  I actually cleared my parents' basement of a large majority of my things that I have unnecessarily accumulated over the years, and it feels oh so great.  It's true what they say!  Less is more!  Less is happy!  Yay oh yay oh yay!

Clothing too!  One real nice designer piece per year.  The rest I sew myself.  Except underwear, of course.  That will be the day!  Oh, and outerwear because a beautiful, well-made winter coat is important if in need.  And I take real good care of my workout clothing because that is the most boring thing in the world on which to spend money.  And I will probably have to eventually replace my essential black cardigan after so many years of love because there are two holes near the back collar, but maybe I can learn to darn.  Yes, I should do that.  Where would we be without youtube tutorials?

The only things of which I have a whole lot that I will not make go away will be books and art.

Rules rules rules.

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