I am torn about something.  I am going to be a groomswoman in a friend's wedding in July.  He is having his bachelor party very soon, organized by another member of the wedding party.  Now, the majority of my friends are male (not because I am uncomfortable around other women, have those issues etc), it just happened to work out that way, so I've seen my share of male debauchery, and I quite like to indulge in that sort of thing myself.  Trouble is, that I know only two of the dudes that will be there (including the groom, of course), and I sure would hate to make everyone else in attendance uncomfortable or feel like they must "behave."  However, part of me is all, "c'mon, it's the 90s, equality, blah blah blah."  But it isn't my wedding, and I don't believe now is the time to get on my high horse and act like I don't care that I would be the only female in attendance.  Honestly, I would probably be worried the entire time that these strange men, with whom I will have just recently become acquainted, aren't able to fully let loose.  Their problem, not mine, of course, but this is neither the time nor the place where I prefer to deal with such an issue.  Am I wrong?  Should I be ashamed that I am maybe not going to go because of male comfort?  Oh such quandaries!  What a world!   

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