I've seemingly been living in transition mode for over two years now.  And in this, there are mini transitions.  Right now is one such, and my skin is really really not appreciating all of this stress.

Also emotional.  See David Letterman's last show.  I grew up with that fool, and this hurts my aging heart.  Carlos and I have been watching the last month or so, and I'm reminded of when I was a child, and how my parents are heavy sleepers, and how, because of them never waking up, I successfully snuck into the living room as often as I could to watch his show from like elementary school through middle school when I was supposed to be in bed cause I needed the corniness to get me through my hell that was school.  Kids were mean.  Dave helped.  I know that sounds lame, but it worked.

I'll miss you, you crotchety jerk.  

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