Hiatus was too long.  Speaking of the work hiatus, what was the movie where someone used the line, "I feel like Oprah on hiatus."?  Cause that's when I learned the meaning of that word, I remember.  I remember asking my mom what that meant.  I just cannot remember the movie.  There's always google.

Oh god.  It was the Caspar movie.  Ew.  Well, I was young, so there's an excuse.  Still thought that movie was stupid back then cause they tried to make it seem that Caspar was really a dreamy little blonde boy.  Dreamy he was NOT!  I did not understand why that Devon Sawa kid was all over Teen Beat and those other poster magazines.  I thought he was ugly and had an even uglier haircut.  I thought Jeff Goldblum was the hot shit (why else would I pay to see Independence Day in the theater 6 times?), and that teen girls had bad taste in men.  I must admit that it annoys me that Mr. G has sort of become a sex symbol ironically on the internet while he rocked my world as early as 1996.  


Not on internet hiatus anymore.  But really.  I know I've mentioned it a few times, saying that I hadn't been interneting all that much since returning to America, and I haven't. But then emails and messages start to pile up which makes them become really scary.  You know what I mean.  I'm going to respond to emails within a week from now on.  Because they aren't really scary.  People are not as scary as I like to think.  Stupid...yuh, but not scary.


I am trying out this new thing though, where I get less scared of people.  I'm not about to become Kramer and be all laid back, brutally honest, and not shy at all, but I'mma try not to sit and overanalyze future interactions with strangers for hours prior to those interactions.  Anxiety is starting to get old, and I've been able to somewhat conquer and control other stinky stupid issues in my life, so I think this one can be handled as well.  Maybe?  Yuh?  

Again, this post has gone in so many directions.  Why did I start talking about anxiety and people being scary?  Oh, right, emails and internet.  This is going no where.  


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