No, really!  PEOPLE IN AMERICA STOP TALKING SO MUCH ABOUT YOUR STUPID CRAZY FOOD RESTRICTIONS!  I don't want to be that person, someone who comes back from living abroad being all, "oh America be different like this blah blah blah," but FREAKING GD this is ridiculous how differently Americans freak out about what they can and cannot eat, various diet trends, etc.  I never once saw anything paleo/whole30/bullshit-related while living overseas.  Occasionally I'd read references to these things on the internet, but never ever never never witnessed such dietary crap while in Morocco/Europe/Asia. Just live, you dummies.  Your privileged neurosis about diet are really getting on my nerves and making me regret coming back!

Just stop.

No, really.  I'm going to start being vocal about how stupid you all are to your stupid faces if it continues, and then I'm sure I'll come across as a little snot.

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