These homemade matcha cookies are heaven.  Matcha-flavored anything is a dream.  My four most favorite treats in the whole wide world...

Green tea ice cream, especially in mochi form
Goma dango*

I do like chocolate, yes, but I am a pleb cause I like milk chocolate the most, and I'm not ashamed to say that given a choice, I would pick cadbury milk chocolate over the fancier kinds.  Do they even carry fancy milk chocolate, or is it always dark?  A nice solid square of creamy milk chocolate is best.  Don't need too much of it to make me satisfied.

*EDIT!  I had to come back because I cannot believe that I forgot to include goma dango!  Or jin deui, or sesame dumplings, or sesame balls filled with azuki paste, however you like to call them.  I've only had them from Ichiban in Portland, and I always forget about how glorious they are all warm and chewy.  I will try to have them in Tokyo, so that I can compare, but I can't imagine they would taste much different than the goma dango from Ichiban.  I don't think that it is too easy of a recipe to screw up.  I'm a sesame whore.

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