Photos from my visit to the Klementinum library.  Who knew that it also has an old-ass turret with great views of the city!?  Unfortunately a large portion of the library's latin texts were away in Munich for digitization purposes.  I don't suppose I would have been permitted to touch any of it anyway.  Oh darn.

Oh my there was so much writing here that I accidentally deleted because blogger does not format so well.  I complain about that below, just in case you want to here me moan some more!  Basically, I said that it was cloudy that day that I visited the Klementinum back in August, and that clouds were not a big part of Prague summer, and how I am all happy now because there are clouds and gray skies every day since it is fall.  Then I bitched because I realized that I sounded like a twee blogger girl being all, OMGSWEATERWEATHERPUMPKINSPICELATTEROMG, but that unlike them, I don't get bored with cold weather and then long for carefree days of summer with all its cone-sucking, sundress and saltwater sandal-wearing bs because really, none of that stuff is so great when your feet are swollen and you are suffering from swamp ass.  The gray and cold are my jam, and I would like to have them stick around.

Also, I did not format the above paragraph to look the way it does.  Blogger is just a chapped anus and likes to prevent me from aligning chunks of text.  I've done all that I can to fix it, and those three lines won't budge.  I don't even care anymore.  I need a new platform, but I've been here since 2009, and I am a person that gets attached.  

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