I went on a trip to Greece.  I saw this man painting.  I forgot that I went to Berlin first, so maybe those pictures should be before this.

I also finally went to the Prague Zoo today, and it was HILAROUS.  Zoos are very funny.  You should know that.  There even was a n3ama, but it was far off in the distance in some farmer's field, and so Carlos did not get frightened which would have been a gas, I'm sure.

There is a lot of baseball going on in my home.  Not only is it the playoffs, but Carlos has begun to watch that 20 hour Ken Burns documentary.  I've watched it on and off, and much of the time I get upset at how they try to manipulate my emotions with the string music and Garrison Keillor pretending to be Walt Whitman which confuses me since Walt Whitman really has nothing to do with baseball.  I am glad, however, that they are no longer talking about Ty Cobb cause that fool was a douchebag.  I mostly zone out or paint while they are taking forever to get through war-time baseball. I hope that they end up talking about Big Unit.

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