Shelties with their coats so true!  This girl looked grumpy as I passed, so I did not think she would have appreciated me with my camera pointed at her.  It would have been a great shot.

I found internet gold with Animal Planet's Dogs 101.  When it's unwind time here in my apartment, I sit back with a white russian and more and relearn all of the breeds.  I have one fun fact about white russians and one about dog breeds.  Kahlua is a rip off here in Czech, and so one day I decided to make my own, so that I may drink a caucasian from time to time.  Whoopsie, because I made three empty fernet bottles worth of Kahlua, and so now I have consumed more creamy cocktails than I would have liked.  I caved and splurged on some bourbon yesterday (also a rip off in CZ), so that I can enjoy a more foreign drink than what I've gotten used to over here.  Blah blah blah.

And the second fun fact has to do with dog breeds!  I mentioned that I have to relearn (not LEARN) the dog breeds, and that is because when I was in the second grade, I decided that I was no longer scared of dogs.  In addition to the many other pets that my family caved and bought me, I thought it might be nice to have a puppy as well.  My dear mama je'e was all, "Uh uh we are not home enough to raise a dog rarrrrr rarrrrr growl hiss hiss."  Most of the time, with a little work, I could get whatever I wanted from my parents, something for which I am oh so proud.  I then got myself a book with information on every breed of dog, and memorized the damned thing.  I thought that this would impress them and show that I was responsible because doing my chores and taking care of the animals already in our home wouldn't have worked.  I got no dog, at least not for about five years after learning all that there is to know about all of the breeds.  To this day, I still know about 95% of the breeds, but it's the hounds the various pointers that I forget.  There are too many.  I retain this information in hopes that one day, while attending pub trivia somewhere, that there will be a category on dog breeds.  I would like that, a category on pokemon, and one on The Brady Bunch.  That would be splendid.

So, there you go with two fun facts about my life with kahlua and puppies.  

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