OH LOOK WHO IS SHOWING UP 'ROUND THESE PARTS!  It's MEEEEEE.  ME ME ME ME I I I I I I YO YO YO YO YA YA YA YA ANA ANA ANA!  Yuh, there aren't very many photos of me in the world.  Even with all this technology and smart phones!  My family doesn't even have a whole lot of Melissochka child pictures which I find to be pretty cool.  I suppose that if my memory wasn't what it is, that I would feel sad without many photographs of my childhood, but I remember it all clear as day.  I also really suck at taking selfies.  They're always blurry, and I feel silly, so I don't do them unless I am feeling adventurous.  Must have felt adventurous that day!  It would have been nice to clean the mirror prior to this shot.
I got this photo in a room with more light, and AHA!  In case anyone has forgotten what I look like!  I much prefer myself blurry actually.  I look tall in that one for some reason.  Anyone who doesn't know me might think I'm 5'10.  Imagine that!

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