It really is too bad that cockers are so stupid because I love those chunky little things.  My family had one, and we found out too late that we adopted her from a lady that was hoarding puppies in her basement.  When the cops went to her house, they were caked in feces, and the house was just destroyed by fecal matter.  I can't blame the dog for being dumb.  Our next pup was a cocker mix that had been severely abused by its former owners.  He was rather scarred and had anxiety issues.  I suppose I could relate with him on that, but I don't going around only trusting my mother and no one else.  The current family dog is not any part cocker, and he is a dream.  I've met other cocker spaniels too.  Shout out to Coda wherever you may be.  He wasn't too bright either, and I don't think he had any prior issues.  This particular dog right here is probably smart and well-behaved because he is Czech.

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