Besides being too lazy to post, blogger wasn't loading.  Netflix is doing the same thing.  Maybe not anymore.  Yep, works again.  Just checked.  Now I can watch Cheers while I do my hair and other routine morning things.  Fun fact: I have just about gotten down to under ONE Cheers episode in order to dry the hair, style the damned mane, moisturize face, brush the teeth, and dress.  Even less time if it is not a shower day.  Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

That was boring.  The non-movie/tv-watching internet has gotten kind of boring, so I am not on it so much lately.  Mostly when I drink my morning coffee.  And right now.  I open the computer throughout the day to listen for email because I can't shake the fear that someone may have died from back home, and it would be the only way of me knowing.  I'm always worrying that someone may die.  It's a fun way to live.

No one has died though.

I got kind of sad when we watched the Belmont Stakes last week because I was all, "Ohhhh, the poor horsies!  This is mean!  BLAH BLAH BLAH!"  And then I thought about how I love all animals, and how I like animals better than humans, and how this should make me be a vegetarian ONLY because I care about creatures, but I can't.  I just cannot.  I love meat and always will.  Oh perfectly marbled steak!  Oh slow-cooked pork shoulder!  Come to me you rack of ribs that fall right off the bone!  Otoro, my favorite of all!  The cravings are too strong.  I suppose I can put 100% effort into getting only the good meat from what they say are humane places.  Maybe then I will be less sad.  This is harder to do in Prague, but I think it is still better than back in the US.  I am getting far too emotional in my old age.

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