I'm one of the lucky ones in that I never had a problem with my face breaking out.  In fact, I'll let it be known, that I never washed my face before bed, nor did I wash it in the mornings if I would not be showering which I definitely only do every few days.  I only ever washed my stupid face for a shower. Yup.  Because my life is all about taking short cuts, and I do not like getting wet.  Now that I am getting older and would like to have youthful-looking skin later in life, as well as the fact that I now have a big momma fancy schmancy bathroom sink---which prevents water from splashing all over the place---I have decided to start washing the face mornings and nights.  Well guess what folks!  I'm noticing some pimple action.  Is it worth it? Should I go back to my old routine?  I used to think that not washing was maybe good for my skin, that the oil build-up kept me nice and moist, for while a number of my peers are showing signs of itty bitty crow's feet or forehead wrinkles (FOLKS DO NOT MAKE A SURPRISED FACE CAUSE LIKE MAMMA SAID, IT WILL STAY THAT WAY IT'S TRUE), I'm blessed to not have those lines yet. Perhaps I was right.  Perhaps washing your face too much is not a good thing!  Oh no!  What do I do?

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