This is one of those things where when I think about it just walking around, maybe by myself, years later, I crack up out loud, about how he keeps calling him Brian.  I don't know why that is so funny to me.  It also makes me think of this one time Tyler Phillips and I were playing with playmobils back when we were wee, and we were playing with the cowboys and indians set.  His fully head-dressed Native American playmobil doll knocked on my fully cowboy-ed doll's door.  I answered and asked who was there.  He simply said "Brian".  This was also one of the most humorous things to me as a child.  But that one was more obvious.  A Native American dressed as if he was alive long before technology with the name Brian.  I still laugh at that.  

Lesson learned: If I ever have children, not one of them shall be named Brian, for said child might develop a complex as a result of me always laughing at it.  It's like Kristine's 30 lb cat, Snickers.  I made him rather insecure because every time he walked into a room, I would lose it dying of laughter.  

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