It has finally cooled down here in the sahara.  Today was a high of 80 something.  Next week I am told that there are days where the highs are in the 70s.  I am so happy.  No, I am HAPPIER.  Not particularly happy.  I suppose I am as happy as happy can be stuck way down in the desert with not much to do, cooped up in an apartment because women do not go outdoors by themselves all that much.  Luckily I have Carlos.  But when you know that you cannot go out alone, it makes you a tiny bit bitter.  Anyway, with cooler temperatures, comes more energy, and with that, there are many things that finally need to get accomplished.  Here is a list...

Finish sizing and edited photos from Spain - We went to Spain at the start of August.  Since then I have only edited about ten pictures at a time because in 100 + degree heat, your computer gets angry when you use Adobe products.

Grad school applications - I want these to be completed by mid November, so that all I need to worry about is the GRE.  I am lining up my recommendations, but I am still waiting on a response for one.  Hurry up.  I am getting nervous.  The worst part of all of this is the personal statements.  I do not like writing about myself, especially in formal situations, as I fear it always comes across as trite, boring, and cliche.  I sure do hope that I get into my top choices.  It sounds quite nice to worry when worrying means which school to choose.

Work out a whole lot harder - I have actually been pretty good about routine exercise, but, I want to put more effort into it.  I blame the heat for any sluggishness.  Oh, and I should drink more water.  Because it is cool does not mean that less than 4 liters a day will cut it.  Also, because of the summer, we were out of town a bunch, and therefore, when out of town, there wasn't much time to work out, so when we would return home, I would feel like a tub of lard that ate a tub of lard.

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