I leave for Madrid on Wednesday morning.  On Tuesday I am spending the night in Marrakech, so that I will be at the airport early enough to deal with the common frustrations of Ryan Air.

For weeks now I have had headaches due to cravings for pork products and alcoholic drinks that will be had in Spain.  For weeks I have also endured strenuous work outs in 100+ degree heat, so that I will not get fat.  Because I plan on spending most of my spare time in Europe eating pork and drinking booze.

Ramadan has been Ramadan.  Since I am not fasting, it has just meant hours laying in front of the fan with a bottle of water.  Often it is too hot to watch movies, and because my energy is so low in this heat, I usually fall asleep after reading only a few pages of a book.

The tedium of this month halted two days ago when we had a pop-in from Thomas and Tarah!  This was the most welcome of pop-ins.  I never liked the before, but they're always welcome from those two.  Once the heat dies down, I plan on popping in on Thomas down in Algeria...Tagounite, Morocco...which is practically Algeria.

My host father told me that when it is hot, that one should drink hot beverages to cool the body, so I drank a cup of instant coffee.  It may have cooled me, however, I now have a headache.  I miss good coffee.


Family said...

Well, if that dang package would ever get there, you'd have plenty of coffee to last a while at least!
Have a wonderful adventure in Spain and touring Morocco. Better let your system adjust and not go whole hog on the food and drink right away (bad pun, sorry).
Lots of love ~

melissochka said...