Hey, it's Ramadan!  Hey, I'm not even trying to fast.  Woke up this morning and took a big gulp of water and ate a steaming bowl of rice and egg.  I'm not Muslim, I have a strange metabolism, and frankly, I don't quite feel like being dehydrated in 100+ degree desert heat.  I do what I want.

Props to my fellow volunteers who have taken on the challenge of fasting alongside our host country nationals.

Even if I were to attempt the feat, I would only be doing so until the 30th, as we soon venture on up to Spain, and there is no way I would miss out on all that pork.  Heck, I'm eating less and exercising more these days because I know for sure that 90% of my vacation will be spent eating some of the best food in the world.  I salivate at the thought of all that meat.  Mmmmmm meat.

Also, it probably isn't healthy to exercise and not replenish my body with water.  Yes, I will keep justifying my lack of participation in Ramadan.

Besides, I've got so much free time on my hand, and so I have begun to try my hand at cooking Indian food, and being the lengthy process that it is, one must test the food along the way.  

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