Ho ho ho I'm back in town.  Eleven days were spent with 93 other volunteers plus Carlos for in-service training.  That was eleven days where I had working air conditioning, access to a pool, the company of friends not named Carlos, and alcoholic beverages.

And I could freely wear short sleeves and knee length skirts without the risk of being labeled a prostitute.  PARTUH!

I firmly believe that PC does this IST so soon after swearing in, so that volunteers might be swayed from early terminating.  Delaying the inevitable.  While, I certainly wish I could be anywhere but Morocco at the moment, and that things here do not at all live up to hype, I must stay, for my hidden agendas of grad school, money, and travel keep me here.  Curses.  Really, it's not so bad.  Work is easy, there is plenty of down time, the friends are pretty cool, and I do get to have a Carlos with me to prevent isolation.  Ask me how I feel next month when temperatures reach far beyond 100 degrees.  Today it is 102 down the road in Ouarzazate.  I think Skoura is a bit cooler being that we're closer to the mountains.  It sure does feel hot though, but we've figured out some useful ways of keeping heat out of the apartment.  For the exercise room, I used up an entire roll of duct tape, so that I could mount cardboard panels over the windows.

In addition to IST in Marrakech, Carlos and I spent a few days in the coastal town of Essaouira.  Essaouira feels more like Europe than Morocco, and so for the first time since arriving in country, I felt that I was on a real live vacation.  We even ate freshly caught grilled fish!  Oh boy!

I'm still getting used to this heat.  The computer makes my legs drip sweat.  I must close the laptop and wet hy head under the cold shower for the tenth time today.  Next I might cook some dinner and eat the coconut coriander chutney I made earlier today.

Pictures soon.

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