We had our regional meeting last Monday.  Immediately afterward we went on a secret vacation in-country with some friends.  One location was Sidi Ifni.  Sidi Ifni is unlike any other Moroccan city I have visited thus far.  Perhaps it is the Spanish influence.  Anywho, I was happy to flee from town for a week.  That's all I am going to say about that.  I realized halfway to the regional meeting that I had left my camera behind in my site, so I have no photo documentation, nor do I desire to go into details.  Like I said.  It was a secret vacation.

Now I am sipping a beer by myself at 2 am, with Carlos fast asleep, waiting for the 2nd period of the Red Wings game.  I am pretending that I am back in Michigan.

I was not going to drink a beer this evening, as beer in Morocco is scarce, but I am feeling mighty accomplished.  I am now the proud owner of Adobe Creative Suite 6.  It took awhile---a long while, but I was successful.  So much code and script and host files and patches and all that hunky dory jazz.  It's times like these that I wonder whether I maybe am actually computer able.  It just takes a bit of patience!  And I enjoy it immensely when I have to solve all the darn puzzles.  Perhaps I'm overestimating my so-called skills.  Maybe I am just good at looking up how to do things.  Either way, I do hope that this ends up helping with my future in library and information science.

Tomorrow it is back to work, return a bunch of phone calls, and attend a kaskrut.  Then it's on to Marrakech June 5th.  

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