Oh hey!  I'm not dead!  Again!

But yeah, Morocco.  UGHHHHHHHHHHH.  You sure are the needy smothery boyfriend I never had.

We have wifi in Morocco.  It's so exciting, but here, I am going to BITCH and complain that it is going too slow for my liking on this fine Saturday morning.

Oh darn-it to hell, I must leave the house sometime this morning, walk through a dusty field in order to buy a couple of bananas.  It's so hard having nothing to do.  Actually, I find it hard to have to decide which movie to watch or whether or not I just want to read.

I kind of want to sneak out and buy a table and chairs.  I just need a place where I don't have to sit Indian-style, where I can perhaps get the ball rolling on these grad school applications. Okay.  MOOOOOAAAAANNNN.

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