I could not very well upload any photographs while living in homestay part two due to one blasted internet stick.  Here you go, about a month and a half later.  Rabat and swear-in time...

Good riddance, Fés.  

He really does love me. 

Pretty sure Ron went to the talent show only because there was working internet on the 8th floor.

Only bad kids sneak onto the roof.

Sanjay and Josh looking pretty Jinn-like.  

Just me and my language training group plus one teacher.  

Mark is my favorite.  He loves watching Prime Minister's Questions as much as I do. 

Courtney is my other favorite.  She likes to bsssHHHAaaa things.

The ambassador and his wife ordering a meal.

A gosh-darned jellaba rainbow + David.  

Sanjay still seems to look like a Jinn.  

Daisies only grow at the gov compound.  Probably because they have a library there.

Same with pansies.  Oh look how handsome my husband is!

And one of me.  Hi.  

I'm just going to post some words now because for some reason this post is long and full of a bunch of empty space after posting these pictures, so do do do da do, how dee do all you fine folk?  I hope you like my somewhat new blog.  I hope you enjoy it more than that old headache.  I don't know what I am typing still because I think that there is still empty space below this blather.  Let's look...

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